dreadful world

“What is this dreadful world that moves me and to what unknown land?

“What is this earth that opens wide her jaw to swallow our bodies and prepares an everlasting shelter for greed? Who is this man who contents himself with the favors of Fortune and craves a kiss from the lips of Life while Death smites him in the face? … Who is this man who swims on thewave of Ignorance toward the gulf of Darkness?

‘Tell me, Wisdom, what are all these things?’

“And Wisdom opened her lips and spoke:

‘You man, would see the world with the eyes of God, and would grasp the secrets of the hereafter by means of human thought. Such is the fruit of ignorance. … The world that moves with you is your heart, which is the world itself. And Man, whom you deem so small and ignorant, is God’s messenger who has come to learn the joy of life through sorrow and gain knowledge from ignorance. … March on, and fear not the thorns or sharp stones on Life’s path.” ~kahlil Gibran

A Dreadful World

When you look at all the horrors that happen here, you see that this is indeed a dreadful world. It is not without it’s good side and its pleasures, to be sure. But the “world” of matter is one of death and disease, one where beings have to kill and eat each other to survive, then they die anyway. How can one say that is not a dreadful place? But it is a mask, a disguise for the real world that lies hidden behind the realm of matter. The dreadful world is hiding paradise.

Favors of Fortune

Yes, many of us do fall for this trap. The bait of material wealth and material pleasures leads many into the traps of Darkness. We think we have accomplished something because we have accumulated a big bag of money. Yet that money cannot prevent illness or death. It cannot stop us from getting sad at the loss of a loved one. How many wealthy celebrities have committed suicide in recent years? There depression is often due to a subconscious realization that they have followed a false path. An attractive path that leads to death. A path where our “friends” often love our money and fame rather than us. They sense it’s emptiness, yet are not sure how to escape other than to end their live. There is another way, a better way.

By Means of Thought

One reason we find the true path so hard to find is that we look for it with the wrong “eyes”. We let our material brain-mind lead us and it takes us to places which, we discover, are not as great as we thought they would be. Yet we turn to that same brain-mind to lead us to another path,but it can’t.  It knows no other path, just variations of the path of matter and materialistic pursuits. It knows its way around the Dreadful World, but not how to escape it.

March on Without Fear

We can turn to another path. It is never too late. Not another path that runs parallel with the one we have been on, a really different path. That road seldom followed, but which leads to the greatest treasures of all. Treasures that are not lost when we depart the physical world, for they are not physical treasures. They are the treasures of spirit.

The spiritual path is the only path that will truly save us from the dreadful world of materialism. But you must awaken your spiritual faculties in order to follow it. And you must trust the spirit and soul to lead you down this path. It is a path that, as Gibran says, has thorns and sharp stones. The thorns are the demons and dark beings who will try to turn us away from the true path. They often recruit unknowing friends and relatives as their agents in this effort. The sharp stones are the difficult changes we go through as we experience spiritual growth, much like an infant growing teeth. But we must realize that these trials and tribulations are part of the illusions of the material world and do no permanent harm to us. So walk the path of truth and wisdom and escape the dreadful world in a smart way.


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