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“To meet the sunrise is always beneficial, even when the Sun is covered in clouds—because the Sun’s energy permeates the clouds. In all cases, the sunrise brings an elevation in man.

“In spring and in summer from 22nd March each year it is recommendable for man to go early to bed and to rise early to welcome the sunrise and accept his part from it—like the bees gather the nectar from the flowers. One should try this for a series of years in order to become convinced of the truth of it.

“As we expose ourselves to the Sun, so must we live in the Divine Love. … The solar rays, absorbed with love, are most beneficial to the body. They act soothingly upon the soul and refreshingly upon the spirit.” ~Biensa Douno

Beneficial Sunrise

The light of the sun is always beneficial, but is especially so at sunrise. That is because at sunrise it has more of the frequencies that stimulate spiritual growth (specifically, ultra-violet) and less of the one that encourage further sinking into matter. An exception would be for those who have already become so spiritual that their roots in the material world are weak. Those people should take the sun at sunset instead.

A beneficial sunrise isn’t some special event that happens only occasionally. Any sunrise can be beneficial if you view it with the right mental attitude. As Douno says, even when it is cloudy, there is a benefit in viewing the sunrise. It may even be better for some to view it at those times. That is because clouds can block some of the light from the physical sun, but not the light of the spiritual Sun. It is the light of the spiritual Sun that is the true beneficial sunrise.

Never stare directly at the sun. That will also make it less beneficial and can cause serious eye damage. Keep your eyes half shut and look to one side or the other. Better yet, alternate. Look to the left of the sun for several seconds, then to the right, then above, then below.

For a Series of Years

Douno says that one should try these solar techniques for “a series of years” to find out if they really work. Few people are willing to do that these days. The good news is you don’t need years to feel the changes that tell you intuitively that it is working for you. Usually in just a few weeks you will start noticing some effects from the beneficial sunrise. How will vary from one person to the next. You may notice that you are having more vivid dreams and understanding them better. You may find yourself being more creative in your work and in solving problems. Tolerance, love, and generosity will grow in you. It may take years to fully awaken, but not to begin to notice beneficial changes.

Absorbed With Love

One of the tricky parts of successful spiritual sun gazing is that attitude and beliefs make a difference. Both the physical and spiritual sun are sending out radiation of many kinds, many frequencies. If you want to take in mostly the high frequency beneficial ones, you must tune into it. It is like setting a TV or radio on the correct channel. We must have a loving, giving, and open attitude to get the best results. The closer we can approach that, the better our results will be. On the other hand, if we are very angry or depressed one morning, we should skip doing the solar techniques until our mood improves. The beneficial sunrise sends the most beneficial light to those who are in tune with it. Those who are in tune with the lower, more materialistic rays will mostly receive those. So for best results, properly prepare to receive the higher frequencies.


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