“According to the Persians, there coexisted in eternity two principles. The first of these, Ahura-Mazda, or Ormuzd was the Spirit of Good. From Ormuzd came forth a number of hierarchies of good and beautiful spirits (angels and archangels). The second of these eternally existing principles was called Ahriman. He was also a pure beautiful spirit, but he later rebelled against Ormuzd, being jealous of His power. This dis not occur, however, until after Ormuzd had created light, for previously Ahriman had not been conscious of the existence of Ormuzd. Because of his jealousy and rebellion,Ahriman became the Spirit of Evil. From himself he individualized a host of destructive creatures to injure Ormuzd.

“When Ormuzd created the Earth, Ahriman entered into its grosser elements. Whenever Ormuzd dis a good deed, Ahriman placed the principle of evil within it.” ~Manly P.Hall

Good God,Bad God

Many people think that the idea of their being a good creator and an evil one is a concept of the Christian Gnostics, but the idea existed long before Christianity. Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman are among the oldest dating back over three thousand years. Their story is very similar to that of the Christian Gnostics with their God and Demiurge.

Ahura-Mazda or Ormuzd

The good God, the one most of us simply call God, is known in this ancient faith as Ahura-Mazda. Because He was good, he created good things. That including a hierarchy of good spiritual beings called angels. He created other good spiritual beings simply called Light Beings. Man was originally a good spiritual being. Being good beings, these creations could not eat other beings to survive. They needed another source of energy or “food”. Ahura-Mazda provided that in the form of Light. This was a special spiritual form of Light that provided life energy to the creations of Ahura-Mazda.


From Hall’s description of Ahriman, we get a somewhat different story than that of the fallen angels of the Bible, or the Demiurge of the Gnostics. He seems to be saying that Ahriman was created evil, but didn’t really do anything evil until after Ormuzd created His Spiritual Light that the good spirits feed on. I have to believe this is a misunderstanding on the part of Mr. Hall, but it may be the Persians that had it wrong.

It is not possible that the good God Ahura-Mazda created a being specifically to do evil. It makes far more sense that he created only good beings, but gave them the ability to choose and learn. This created the possibility that one or more of those good beings would become rotten apples and turn on God.

Some will argue that not only could the Good God not create an evil being, but he could not create one capable of becoming evil. The problem is that you cannot truly be good if you have no choice. In order to have good spirits, they had to be given the ability to choose, and some chose poorly. So Ahriman really is the Fallen Angels or the Demiurge of the Christians and Jews.

War of Light and Dark

As a result of this conflict, we have what is sometimes called the War of Light and Dark. Foolish artists often depict it much like a human war with angels attacking each other with flaming swords or other weapons. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This war is more one of spreading an ideology and claiming human souls. The agents of Ahriman, i. e. demons, spread their ideas with lies and deception. The angels try to spread truth. But since we are in the material world, a place of illusion and deception, it is easier to believe the demons than the angels.

That is starting to change. A new age is dawning and people are awakening to truth in various degrees. The Sun of Righteousness that now shines down on us as the spirit of our sun is increasing the spiritual Light sent to us. This is making it easier for more people to awaken. And more awakened people increase the vibrations and consciousness level of the world making it even easier. One day the dam will break and matter will become spirit again. We can be foolish and fight against it, or be wise and help make it happen.


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