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“To the initiated Builder, the name CHiram Abiff signifies ‘My Father, the Universal Spirit, one in essence,three in aspect.’ … The original word, CHiram, is a radical word consisting of three consonants: Cheth, Resh, and Mem. Cheth signifies Chamah, the Sun’s light, i.e. the Universal, invisible, cold fire of nature. Nature attracted by the sun and sent down to us and to every planetary body belonging to the solar system. Resh signifies Ruach, i.e Spirit, air, wind as being the vehicle which conveys and collects the light…. Mem signifies water, humidity, but rather the mother of water, Radical Humidity of a particular kind. … These three constitute the Universal Agent.” ~Manly P. Hall

Initiated Builder

It is curious that Hall chose to say “initiated Builder”rather than just “initiated”. There are two ways to interpret that. Since Chiram or Hiram was a master builder who planned the Temple of Solomon and other projects, it may refers to initiates in the field of architecture. It might also refer to those spiritual initiates who seek to build a better world. I think he probably meant both.

Universal Spirit

Hall says the name Chiram Abiff signifies the Universal Spirit. Therefore, this builder is the builder of the universal “temple,” not just a temple of matter in ancient Israel. This universal temple being all of humanity, all of life, united again as a unified whole.

Spiritual Sun

Hall then goes on to break the name Chiram into it’s components and tells us what they mean. The first part meaning the Sun’s Light is the most important. The ancient mystery schools almost universally taught about the importance of the spiritual sun. Sadly, few modern spiritual schools do so. Spiritual “wind” is that power that carries the light to us. This “wind” is sometimes called the Breath of God. I think that the “Radical Humidity” Hall mentions is the ether through which the light travels pushed along by the Breath of God.

That may be more details than most of us need, however. The important thing is that the spiritual light that originated with God travels to us through the spiritual sun. Some of it will reach us anyway, but we can dramatically increase that amount by gazing at the spiritual sun, especially at sunrise.

Universal Agent

Mr. Hall calls the combination of the light, the wind, and the water the universal agent. It is not by accident that this creates a triad. A triad is one of the most common ways to picture God. Christians says Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is more accurate to say Father, Mother, and Child.

But, again, this universal agent will do little for us if we choose to ignore it, or worse yet, actively block it. Not that anyone would thing or say, “I am going to block that universal agent.” But many will say that the realm of matter is all that exists, and the spiritual worlds are pure fantasy. By denying the spirit, they block it from themselves. Those who insist that the light will come to them from a dead man that they have declared a god will also be blocking the reality of the universal agent. The spiritual light is the most powerful and valuable thing that God gives to us. Denying it or blocking it is one of the most foolish things we can do.


One thought on “Universal Agent and Chiram the Builder

  1. Mike Rempel says:

    Universal Agent & the Masonic Operative

    It could be added that the Builder can Initiate the Masonic Operative with the Breath of God; a synchro-unification the breath, diaphram, and contraction of the paraneum, creates spinal pressure to stimulate the pineal gland. Practice Spinal Breathing, and connect to the Universe within.

    Shiva, Chiram Abiff, Ra-Staf-Ari, Hermes Trismagestis, Pythagorus.

    You are the Temple, the Living Spirit, the Universal Agent.

    God Bless

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