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Spiritual Wisdom and Waves of Thought

“Within the mental sheath, made up of waves of thought, there is contained the sheath of wisdom. It has the same form, with faith as the head, righteousness as right arm, and truth as left. Practice of meditation is its heart, and discrimination its foundation. Wisdom means a life of selfless service. Even the gods seek spiritual wisdom. Those who attain wisdom are free from sin, and find all their selfless desires granted.

“The wisdom sheath is made of detachment. Within it is contained the sheath of bliss, which has the same form, with joy as the head, contentment as right arm, and delight the left. Bliss is the heart, and Brahman the foundation. Those who deny the Lord deny themselves; those who affirm the Lord affirm themselves. The wise, not the unwise, realize the Lord.” ~The Taittiriya Upanishad

Waves of Thought

I find it fascinating that this ancient book speaks of thought waves which we think is a recent discovery of science. The idea that energy travels in waves is supposedly a fairly new one. This short section says much about thought, spirituality,and what today is called the Law of Attraction. Let’s look at some of it in more detail.

Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual Wisdom (the only real wisdom) has faith as its head, righteousness as its right arm, and truth as its left. Or that is how this Upanishad puts it allegorically. But it may not mean those things in quite the same way as we generally think today.

Faith today means believing in things we are told with little proof. Often, with no proof. We are taught from childhood that priests, doctors, and/or government representatives are faultless. Whatever the leaders say must be accepted as true. And now we have those who trust the internet to bring them truth and wisdom. I am always a little shocked when I see someone who seems to have a serious problem expecting it to be solved by a Facebook group.

That is not really faith at all but living in a world of fantasy like the tribe of Trumpery. What is really meant by spiritual teachers when they say we must “have faith” is that we must believe that we can find truth, that we can know truth. If we don’t believe it, it can’t happen. It means that we must believe in ourselves and our intuition rather than the authorities or the voice of the multitudes.

Righteousness brings us wisdom because wisdom is revealed only to those who will use the knowledge correctly. That means using it for the benefit of all, not just for yourself and the hell with others. When we have love in our hearts for all beings, we start receiving wisdom. When we want to save the world more than we want to get rich, wisdom will come to us.

Truth is, of course, a major part of wisdom. You cannot have wisdom without truth. But truth alone is not wisdom. Having truth, and knowing how to use that knowledge is wisdom. Continue reading “Spiritual Wisdom and Waves of Thought”

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Purification for Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth

“No one can be enlightened unless he first be cleansed or purified and stripped. Purgation, which is the remaking of character in conformity with perceived reality, consists in these two essential acts: the cleansing of that which is to remain, the stripping of that which is to be done away. It may best be studies, therefore, in two parts. …
“These than are the branches into which the subject will be split. (1) The negative aspect, the stripping or purging away of those superfluous, unreal, and harmful things which dissipate the precious energies of the self. … (2) The positive aspect: a raising to their highest terms, their purest state, of all that remains.” ~Evelyn Underwood


Purification is a word that scares many people away from spiritual development. It shouldn’t. Real spiritual purification doesn’t involve self-flagellation. Nor does it require hanging weights from our bodies using fish hooks like some in India do. As Ms. Underwood explains, spiritual purification is not a physical thing, but a mental and spiritual one.

There may be some physical aspects to it, but it is nothing as drastic as flagellation. It may mean changes in diet to a healthier one. It may mean changes in behavior so we don’t waste our energy too much.


The purging part of it is to rid ourselves of false beliefs and limitation that prevent spiritual growth. Actually, we should purge ourselves of all false beliefs and limitations, but our primary interest is the spiritual.

The first is our concept of God. Whatever religious or spiritual background we have, almost all of us have a concept of what God is and how he functions which is far from the reality. Proof of this can be seen in the way we like to declare holy men to be God. Only a servant of God would ever descend to the physical realm to help us out. God doesn’t do that. He might put His presence in the spiritual sun, but God Himself isn’t in there.

Our ideas of Heaven are another one. The way many people talk about their dead friends and relatives, it sounds like all we have to do to get to heaven is drop dead. That is about as far from reality as you can get. Even most holy people don’t get to go directly to Heaven after they die physically. They enter lower spiritual dimensions and spend many more years working their way up to heaven.

The Oriental mystical teaches say we must empty out cup before it can be filled again. That is their allegorical way of saying we must first get rid of false beliefs before our cup can be filled with truth. This is not something most of us can do in a day. We have to work for years to purge ourselves of false beliefs. But the more veils re remove, the more clearly we can see beyond them. Purification may not sound like fun, but removing veils of falsehood actually is. Continue reading “Purification for Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth”

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Spiritual Masters, Profound and Subtle

“The ancient masters were profound and subtle. Their wisdom was unfathomable. There is no way to describe it all we can describe is their appearance. They were careful as someone crossing an iced-over stream. Alert as a warrior in enemy territory. Courteous as a guest. Fluid as melting ice. Shapable as a block of wood. Receptive as a valley. Clear as a glass of water.
“Do you have the patience to wait till the mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself? The master doesn’t seek fulfillment. Not seeking, not expecting, she is present, and can welcome all things.” ~Tao Te Ching

Spiritual Masters

The ancient masters were great. Modern masters are just as great. We all have the potential to become a spiritual master. But it won’t happen just because we want it to. It also won’t happen if we do nothing. The spiritual masters are hard-working and sacrifice much that others hold dear. But in sacrificing much, they gain a lot more.

The Wisdom of Spiritual Masters

The wisdom of the masters is unfathomable because it is not earthly wisdom, material wisdom. Being spiritual in nature, it is wisdom that the brain-mind cannot really understand. Only the soul can understand it. That is why the first task of the spiritual student is to awaken the spirit and soul using the light of the spiritual sun.

Attributes of the Spiritual Masters

The Tao Te Ching is correct in saying the attributes and wisdom of the masters can only be described allegorically. That is because we have no words to describe that level of truth and wisdom.

So allegorically speaking, a spiritual master is as careful as someone walking on ice. His means that she makes no move without thinking about it first. Not only does a master consider the immediate effects of his thoughts and action, but also long-term effects. Few of us do that, but it is a wise habit to develop.

The master is alert. He doesn’t have “accidents” because he pays attention to what is going on around him on all levels. The master isn’t surprised because he understands cause and effect. He is spontaneous, yet also a planner because he knows what effect actions will have. Continue reading “Spiritual Masters, Profound and Subtle”

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Universal Agent and Chiram the Builder

“To the initiated Builder, the name CHiram Abiff signifies ‘My Father, the Universal Spirit, one in essence,three in aspect.’ … The original word, CHiram, is a radical word consisting of three consonants: Cheth, Resh, and Mem. Cheth signifies Chamah, the Sun’s light, i.e. the Universal, invisible, cold fire of nature. Nature attracted by the sun and sent down to us and to every planetary body belonging to the solar system. Resh signifies Ruach, i.e Spirit, air, wind as being the vehicle which conveys and collects the light…. Mem signifies water, humidity, but rather the mother of water, Radical Humidity of a particular kind. … These three constitute the Universal Agent.” ~Manly P. Hall

Initiated Builder

It is curious that Hall chose to say “initiated Builder”rather than just “initiated”. There are two ways to interpret that. Since Chiram or Hiram was a master builder who planned the Temple of Solomon and other projects, it may refers to initiates in the field of architecture. It might also refer to those spiritual initiates who seek to build a better world. I think he probably meant both.

Universal Spirit

Hall says the name Chiram Abiff signifies the Universal Spirit. Therefore, this builder is the builder of the universal “temple,” not just a temple of matter in ancient Israel. This universal temple being all of humanity, all of life, united again as a unified whole.

Spiritual Sun

Hall then goes on to break the name Chiram into it’s components and tells us what they mean. The first part meaning the Sun’s Light is the most important. The ancient mystery schools almost universally taught about the importance of the spiritual sun. Sadly, few modern spiritual schools do so. Spiritual “wind” is that power that carries the light to us. This “wind” is sometimes called the Breath of God. I think that the “Radical Humidity” Hall mentions is the ether through which the light travels pushed along by the Breath of God.

That may be more details than most of us need, however. The important thing is that the spiritual light that originated with God travels to us through the spiritual sun. Some of it will reach us anyway, but we can dramatically increase that amount by gazing at the spiritual sun, especially at sunrise. Continue reading “Universal Agent and Chiram the Builder”