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“We call that wonderful which is not within our experience, and the causes of which we cannot explain; we are daily surrounded by marvels, and witness the most marvelous phenomena. … We would be extremely surprised f they once ceased to occur, this merely because we are accustomed to see such things every day. We are surrounded by phenomena of an occult and magic nature, and we live in a laboratory of alchemy. We see how out of a hard little stone—kernel or seed—a germ appears, and grows into a big tree and … out of a certain kind of seed a certain species of plant will grow, and no other. … We see how out of a vegetable substance animal substance can grow, for we feed our cattle on grass, hay and corn. … We see the ever-burning sun sending its heat year after year.” ~Franz Hartmann

Wonders of Nature

There are indeed many wonders in nature. Mr. Hartmann mentions a good number more than I included in the quote. If we didn’t witness these things daily, we would be in awe by them. A bolt of lightning hotter than the surface of the sun shoots out of a cloud. A volcano constantly pours molten lava into the sea, and yet the sea is so massive, it has little effect on the temperature of its waters. On the other hand, a quantum particle in Texas can be moved and its partner particle on mars will react.

A lunar or solar eclipse was a magical thing to primitive people of the past. When the priests were also the scientists, they could control people by knowing when such events would occur, and make it seem as if they were causing it. Nonetheless, there were real spiritual adepts who could manipulate natural phenomena such as winds and storms as easily as you or I drive a car. Not that controlling natural phenomena is the same as being spiritual, but advanced spiritual people can do such things.

Laboratory of Alchemy

I believe Mr. Hartmann knows the truth when he says that we live in a laboratory of alchemy. He knows that the alchemist did not literally change lead into gold, tin into silver, or oatmeal into roast beef.

The true alchemists hid what they were doing in allegory. They changed the matter-oriented mind of lead into a spirit-oriented one of gold. They changed the dull slave of man into a shining servant of God. Most likely, they just ate the oatmeal which back then would have been natural and organic.

The alchemists still exist, but are not called that today. Now they are called spiritual teachers, gurus, poets or philosophers. Their mission remains the same.

Seed and Tree

It does seem a miracle that a great tress can grow from a small seed. Even when we understand that the seed doesn’t contain the tree, but only a pattern upon which if forms, it is still miraculous. And the fact that only an oak tree grows from an acorn, never a maple tree, tells us something. It tells us that nothing is random, there is some intelligence involved.

The seed and Tree example also applies on the spiritual level. There are some who will say that other people have a rotten soul, a bad soul. Not true. What they have is a dormant soul, a soul seed in a sense. This soul seed is of little use until it is planted and made to grow.

The acorn needs sunlight and water to make it start growing into a mighty oak. It may also need some minerals found in the soil, but mostly water and sunlight. The same is true of that soul seed. The soul is awakened by the light of the spiritual sun rather than that of the physical sun. It is also nourished by the Water of Life which is God’s Grace. We can become great spiritual people only by apply that light and water to get our soul seed to grow.


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