rotten teeth

“I had a decayed tooth in my mouth that troubled me. … One day, as I grew impatient, I went to the dentist and told him to extract that damned tooth that dealt me misery. …

“The dentist shook his head and said, ‘It is foolish to ave your tooth extracted if we can cure it.’

“Then he started to drill its sides and clean its cavities and use every means to restore it and free it from decay. Having finished drilling, he filled it with pure gold. …

“But before the week was over, the cursed tooth returned to its diseased condition. So I went to another dentist. … obeying my command, he extracted the tooth. Looking at it, he said, ‘You have done well to have this rotten tooth extracted.

“In the mouth of Society are many diseased teeth, decayed to the bones of the jaw. But society makes no efforts to have them extracted and be rid of the affliction. It contents itself with gold fillings. … A nation with rotten teeth is doomed to have a sick stomach.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Teeth and More Teeth

The tooth Gibran speaks of is allegorical. Hopefully, that is obvious. But what is he really talking about? Many things on many levels.

In government today we have many “rotten teeth” in Politics. There are politicians who forget that they are supposed to serve the people of their land. There are government bureaucrats who know that what the rotten politicians tell them to do is wrong, but they do it anyway to keep their jobs. Just because someone else is telling you to do it, doesn’t mean you have no responsibility for your actions. There are rotten judges who let the politicians get away with serious violation when they are of the same political party, but not when they are of another party.

There are “rotten teeth” in the business world. Business leaders who care only to make as much profit as possible. They will charge so mush for medicines that the sick can’t afford them. They will charge so much for housing that millions live in the streets and under bridges. Then they will gather in the country club and congratulate each other for their wonderful business acumen while the smoke fifty dollar cigars and drink a two-hundred dollar bottle of wine.

The news media is another place to find many “rotten teeth”. Not only do many news outlets play favorites with regard to politics, but they decide what is worthy of coverage and what isn’t. The result is we now have news programs that concentrate on the trivial such as who won a football or baseball game, while important things are ignored. After years of doing this, most of society now accepts that sports is more important than just about anything else and there is nothing wrong with paying sports figures millions of dollars while schools teachers can barely get by.

Mental Rotten Teeth

We can have mental teeth that are rotten just as we can have physical ones. Firmly believing in something that is simply not true is a common “rotten tooth” of the mental kind. Another is accepting opinions and theories as facts.

The Cure

Gibran is saying that it is best to pull the rotten tooth rather than trying to fix it and failing. While that is true in some cases, it isn’t always true. I don’t think, for example, that Gibran was recommending executions for all criminals. What he was recommending is that the evil be removed and the source of the evil rejected.

So we need to reject Satan and all that he stands for. We need to pull away from the influence of dark demons and those they control. We don’t kill them, just get them out of our lives. You don’t have to destroy the rotten teeth, just get them out of your mouth.

As we all know, however,doing that is not easy. For starters, we can’t always tell when the one trying to influence us is a demon or dark person. And when we do, we don’t know what to do to get rid of them. The answer is to awaken our spirit and soul.

The “rotten teeth” thrive in the realm of matter. The best way to overcome them is to go to a higher level. We go to a higher level by using the Light of the spiritual sun to awaken our spirit and soul. Once the soul is truly awakened, it can help us avoid the influence of the demons, devils, and other “rotten teeth”.


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