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“Think only about nature, which is full of life and energy. Get in touch with the energies of nature, which can renovate. Think about the sun, which spreads its energy throughout the whole world. Stay away from those spheres of life where there is stagnation of energies. …

“When the Sun shines, the earth is roused,the waters bubble out into springs and start flowing, the winds blow, the flowers bloom, the trees bear fruit and man awakens and begin to think. … When the sun rises within you, manifest your faith. …

“The Sun is currently sending more physical energy to the earth, that is to say, people are currently able to accept more physical than Spiritual energy from the Sun. In the future,people will also be able to receive the Spiritual energy of the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Energy of Nature

Nature is full of energy. In fact, it is all energy. According to quantum physics, the apparently solid universe of matter is actually a very complex and sophisticated hologram. This is what ancient spiritual teachers meant when they called the physical realm a world of illusion.

Some of that energy in nature is beneficial to us. Some of it is harmful. If we want to life a long and healthy life, we need to concentrate on taking in the helpful energies and avoiding the harmful. There are also neutral energies which we need not be concerned about.

The primary source of energy on Earth is the sun. It is, therefore, wise for us to pay attention to the sun. The sun sends many types of energy,many frequencies, toward Earth. Some of t is absolutely essential for physical life. Other frequencies are just as essential for spiritual life.

When the Sun Shines

Absorbing energy from the sun differs depending on whether it is physical or spiritual energy from the spiritual sun. While energy from the physical sun affects us automatically, the same is not true of the energy from the spiritual sun.

When most spiritual energies from the spiritual sun reach us, the ability to absorb them and make use of them depends on us. If we want spiritual growth and we want spiritual energy, we will absorb it. If we do not care about spiritual growth, or don’t believe in it, we will absorb very little of that energy. It’s kind of like that old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Likewise, the spiritual sun can send us an abundance of spiritual energy, but if we choose to ignore it, it won’t do us any good.

The Changing Sun

Douno says the sun is currently sending mostly physical energy to earth. He then adds that t is really people who can only absorb the physical energy because of man’s current state. He adds that it will change in the future and people will be able to absorb more spiritual energies and become more spiritual beings. I don’t know how long ago he wrote that, but the future is happening now. It isn’t just man who is changing. The sun is changing as well.

The prophet Malachi told us a time would come when the Sun of Righteousness would shine down with light seven times brighter than the normal sun. That is happening already. If it seems that the sun has not changed to you, you haven’t yet attuned yourself to the spiritual sun. The Sun of Righteousness is the spiritual sun and that sun is now sending forth more spiritual light than before. It will continue to increase the amount of spiritual light it sends until its mission of transforming the earth and the other planets is complete.

When the spirit of anything changes, so does the physical being, though generally more slowly. It’s like lighting a fire under a pot of water. The fire is hot almost instantly, but it takes time for the water to boil. Nonetheless, changes in the physical sun are happening also. Some scientists are aware of it, but they aren’t saying anything because they don’t understand what is happening. These changes in the physical sun are contributing to global warming at least as mush as Man’s foolishness. But these changes in the spiritual sun will transform the earth and the beings on it back to spirit. We can fight it, ignore it, or help make it happen. The leaders of that new world will be those who helped bring it about.


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