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“Adam was created out of the Element, out of the attracting of the Heart of God, which is the Will of the Father, and therein is the Virgin of the divine Virtue. … The Fierceness of the Devil would fain have dwelt in the Heart of God and have domineered over it, and have opened a Center there, which the Fierceness without the Light cannot do; for every center was generated and opened with the Kindling of the Light. …

“And when the Light of the Sun appeared in the fierce Harshness, then the Harshness became thin and sweet, even Water, and the Fierceness in the fire-flash was extinguished, …Thus the evil Child pants after the Mother, and would get to be in the Mother in the Element, and yet cannot reach her. … The Spirit of the Stars and Elements would continually get again into the Element; for in the element there is Meekness.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Element

The Element of Jacob Boehme is not earth, air, water or fire. It isn’t even the allegorical meaning of those elements on the material plane: solid, liquid, gas, energy. Adam was not a being of matter until the Great Fall. God created him as a spiritual being. Therefore, the Element Boehme speaks of is spiritual in nature. We can call it the creative force of God, the thoughts of God, or the imagination of God. The important thing to understand is that it is spiritual.

Divine Virgin

Here again Boehme is saying something that doesn’t match conventional Christian thought. The virgin here is not Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is another reference to that creative power of God. Since God creates beings without he use of sex, the creative power can be called the Divine Virgin. It can also be a reference to Sophia, the Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom which is not a separate being from God, but a part of Him.

The Fierceness and Harshness

The Fierceness of Boehme might be called the ego of the Devil. The Devil was Jealous of God’s creative power and wanted to be able to use it. He wanted to get into the Heart of God. But he really couldn’t He didn’t have the most important ingredient for creation: the Light. So without light, what he created became the Harshness, the realm of matter.

Matter is harsh because in it things, suffer, grow old, and die. In the realm of matter, beings must kill and eat other beings to survive. That is about as much harshness as possible. That is the realm of Satan.

Light of the Sun

But despite the error of the Devil, the Fierceness of the Harshness is mellowed by God. He does this by putting His Light into the sun, and all the suns or stars in the fallen realm of matter. Boehme says that this made even the Harshness “thin and sweet”. I don’t think I would go so far as to say it made the place sweet, but it certainly made it sweeter. As for making it thinner, I believe what Boehme means it that it moved the realm of matter closer to that of spirit, in a sense. It did that by providing a doorway and a window between the realms. That window and doorway is the spiritual sun. The light from the spiritual sun can awaken our spirits and souls. That makes it possible to develop our spiritual self so we can exit this land and return to the realm of spirit where we originated.

Mother and Child

So when Boehme says the evil child yearns for its mother, he is using spiritual allegory. He means that the spirit and soul within us (the child) wants to return to the realm of spirit (the Mother). Those who have truly become spiritually awakened testify to this. The awakened soul doesn’t want to be here. It feels like a fish on dry land. Sometimes, the soul becomes so sick of the hatred, violence, and materialism of the person it is attached to that it separates and returns to Heaven on its own. Do not make that happen to you.


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