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“There is much drawing and spell-binding dependent on no interfering machinations; the true magic is internal to the All, its attractions, and, not less, its repulsions. Here is the primal mage and sorcerer—discovered by men who thenceforth turn those same ensorcellations [sic] and magic arts upon one another. … There has arisen an art of magic love-drawing whose practitioners,by the force of contact, implant in others a new temperament, one favoring union as being informed with love. …

“The tune of an incantation a significant cry, the mien of the operator, these too have a natural power over the soul upon which they are directed. … Similarly, with regard to prayers. … The prayer is answered by the mere fact that part and other part are wrought to one tone like a musical string which, plucked at one end, vibrates at the other also.” ~Plotinus


Nowadays when we say that something is spellbinding we mean that it holds are attention so thoroughly, we notice little else. It is as if we are in the control of a hypnotic trance or magic spell. When Plotinus used the term, he actually meant the spells of magicians and sorcerers being used to control, or at least manipulate, others.

Spellbinding God

What Plotinus is saying in his rambling way is that the only source of real magic is God, or the All. The mage, sorcerer, wizard or spiritual guru do not create any magic, they simply direct it. They learn how to use what is there. It is like a fireman pointing a hose toward the fire he wishes to put out. He may aim the hose, but he isn’t creating the water.

Dark Spellbinding

What Plotinus doesn’t really get into here is that there are essentially two kinds of magical manipulation. There are those who are using the power of God directly, and those who are turning to Satan for power. They don’t realize that the power that Satan welds is power stolen from God, so the smart thing to do is turn to the actual source. If you want to use these magic powers for evil, however, then you have to borrow the power from Satan. What the fools who dot hat don’t seem to realize is that Satan is not handing them out for free. He will show up one day to collect the bill.

Prayer and Spellbinding

Many who call themselves Christian even though they don’t follow the teachings of Christ, are opposed to all things related to magic. Any form of sorcery or spellbinding is evil to them. They somehow forget the spellbinding Moses used to get the Jews out of Egypt, or that Jesus used to walk on water. Those same Christians, as well as others, will pray for healing of those who are sick, or help of some other sort for those who are having difficulties. This too is a form of spellbinding.

As with all the other forms, you are directing the magical power of the all—God’s Grace—to do certain thing’s. You are not controlling it, just asking God’ to send it. But in the way it functions, it is much the same as any other type of white magic. No one practicing white magic tries to force anyone into doing anything. Nor do they try to force some change to happen. Instead, they focus on trying to make God’s Great Plan a reality, and to help those who need help. Naturally, they will concentrate on helping other who do God’s work and not Satan’s. It is like you have a dollar to give to a homeless person. You know one of them wants to buy food with it, the other booze. You will give the money to the one who wants food.


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