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“My soul spoke to me and said, ‘Do not measure time by saying, “There was yesterday, and there shall be tomorrow.”’
And ere my soul spoke to me, I imagined the Past as an epoch that never returned, and the Future as one that could never be reached.
Now I realize that the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done and realized.
My soul preached to me exhorting me not to limit space by saying, ‘Here, there, and yonder.’
“Ere my soul preached to me, I felt that wherever I walked was far from any other space.
Now I realize that wherever I am contains all places; and the distance I walk embraces all distances.

“My soul instructed me and advised me to stay awake while others slept. And to surrender to slumber when others are stir.
Ere my soul preached to me, I saw not their dreams in my sleep, neither did I observe my vision.
Now I never sail the vessel of my dreams unless they watch me, and they never soar into the sky of their vision unless I rejoice in their freedom.” ~Kahlil Gibran


In science, the fusing of space and time in one model is called Spacetime. Considering them together is a sensible thing to do because they are related. Time is the most difficult part of it, but we recognize time primarily in two ways. We recognize it in change such as aging, growing, rotting, rusting, etc. We also recognize it in movements around the material universe. Physically, we can’t move from one location to another instantly. The duration of the movement is the second way we recognize time.

Time cannot exist without space. Space probably cannot exist without time. So we should thing of them as aspects of the same thing, the spacetime universe of matter.

Spiritual Universe

In the realms of spirit, neither space nor time exist. Spacetime is a thing of matter. Spirits do not age, decay, or die. Time has no meaning there in the sense of change. And spirits being beyond spacetime, they can be in any place instantly. They can be everywhere at once, or nowhere.

Soul Knowledge

Gibran, who was as much a spiritual teacher as a poet, tells us that all time is one time. That time is essentially an illusion that supports the spacetime illusion of matter. More significantly, Gibran says it was his soul which taught him that linear time is an illusion.

The soul taught him many things, only a few of which are included in the quote. It also taught him about the illusion of space and matter. It taught him to pay attention to his dreams and visions which can often predict future events. They can also warn of potential disasters if we don’t change our path.

This soul knowledge that is beyond all space and time is sometimes called Gnosis. It may also be called Divine Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. It is the knowing where one knows all that can be known. We don’t guess or speculate anymore. No longer do we have to chose from various opinion. We simply know the truth because an awakened soul always knows the truth. An awakened soul is one with the All, one with God. It therefore shares in the knowledge of God which is infinite.

Unfortunately, the awakened soul sometimes has difficulty sharing that knowledge with the brain-mind.

Our egos block it, as do our false beliefs. So one of the jobs of the spiritual student is to dissolve that barrier between mind and soul. We do that by trying to rid ourselves of false beliefs. We also need to convince the ego to listen to the soul, which is never easy but worth the effort.


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