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Spacetime Illusions and Spiritual Reality

“My soul spoke to me and said, ‘Do not measure time by saying, “There was yesterday, and there shall be tomorrow.”’
And ere my soul spoke to me, I imagined the Past as an epoch that never returned, and the Future as one that could never be reached.
Now I realize that the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done and realized.
My soul preached to me exhorting me not to limit space by saying, ‘Here, there, and yonder.’
“Ere my soul preached to me, I felt that wherever I walked was far from any other space.
Now I realize that wherever I am contains all places; and the distance I walk embraces all distances.

“My soul instructed me and advised me to stay awake while others slept. And to surrender to slumber when others are stir.
Ere my soul preached to me, I saw not their dreams in my sleep, neither did I observe my vision.
Now I never sail the vessel of my dreams unless they watch me, and they never soar into the sky of their vision unless I rejoice in their freedom.” ~Kahlil Gibran


In science, the fusing of space and time in one model is called Spacetime. Considering them together is a sensible thing to do because they are related. Time is the most difficult part of it, but we recognize time primarily in two ways. We recognize it in change such as aging, growing, rotting, rusting, etc. We also recognize it in movements around the material universe. Physically, we can’t move from one location to another instantly. The duration of the movement is the second way we recognize time.

Time cannot exist without space. Space probably cannot exist without time. So we should thing of them as aspects of the same thing, the spacetime universe of matter.

Spiritual Universe

In the realms of spirit, neither space nor time exist. Spacetime is a thing of matter. Spirits do not age, decay, or die. Time has no meaning there in the sense of change. And spirits being beyond spacetime, they can be in any place instantly. They can be everywhere at once, or nowhere. Continue reading “Spacetime Illusions and Spiritual Reality”

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Good Days and Bad Days


“Remember that the time of your infancy and youth, with all its freshness and newness, was also the time of some other people’s old age when the world seemed stale and joyless, when to them all that life seemed capable of yielding seemed exhausted , when nothing seemed to remain but to wither and die. Remember also that today if the world seems less bright than formerly, if the sun seems setting instead of rising, it seems now to the boy and girl of ten or fifteen as it did to you at that age.

“No person could hold his or her physical body and enjoy life who as they lived on lived in the past and refused to set or open their minds to the future. In so doing they accumulate more and more of the old and relatively lifeless thought, and this element materializes itself on the body. Their flesh, bone and blood then become an actual expression of the dead and inert spirit.” ~Prentice Mulford

Good Old Days

I have to admit that I had not looked at it this way before. So what I think of as “The Good Old Days” was a time that my parents and grandparents probably thought of as a terrible time with too much change and too little self-discipline. And what me and others think of as the bad times of today, young people now will talk about these Good Old Days in thirty or forty years. At least that is how it has worked for at least the last few centuries.

Good Day Exceptions

We don’t always think the old days were the good days, however. I don’t think many would consider the time of either of the World Wars as good days. The times of major plagues, droughts, floods, etc. are also not generally considered good old days. Yet even with those things, some will say that is certain ways they were still better than today. And while they may be correct, that is not really why they say it. Continue reading “Good Days and Bad Days”

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Perfect and Imperfect Worlds and Beings

“Since now thou hast seen what is the form of the imperfect good, and what is the form of the perfect also, methinks I should next show to what manner this perfection of felicity is built up. And here I conceive it proper to inquire, first, whether any excellence … can exist in the nature of things. … It cannot be denied that such does exist, and is, as it were, the source of all things good. … Whenever imperfection is found, in any particular, there must necessarily be a perfection in respect to of that particular also. For were there no such perfection, it is utterly inconceivable hat the so-called imperfection should come into existence. …

“The common belief of all mankind is that God, the supreme of all things is good. For since nothing can be imagined better than God, … reason shows God to be good in such wise as to prove that in Him is perfect good.” ~Boethius

Perfect and Imperfect

In the realm of duality, hot must exist along with cold, male with female, light with dark, etc. So if there are many things which we all agree are imperfect, it is logical to assume that the perfect must exist also. At least it is possible for it to exist.

Whats more, Boethius tells us, the perfect cannot come from the imperfect. The perfect has to exist first and the imperfect version be an offshoot from it. Not only is that logical, it is true. The allegorical tale of Adam and Eve are about perfect beings falling into imperfection. It represents the Great Fall from pure spirit into matter.

Seeking Perfection

Much of man’s history on Earth can be looked on simply as an attempt to get from an imperfect state to a more perfect one. The greedy see great wealth as a form of perfection and do anything they can to get more of it. The power-hungry seek more power as their idea of perfection. The bodybuilder will spend hours a day at the gym to get the perfect physical body, usually with little concern for his spirit and soul. The sad thing is that if all those people get what they want, they would still not have perfection.

The realm of matter is imperfect so any attempt to find the perfect within it is futile. We must look beyond the fallen world of matter to find perfection. Continue reading “Perfect and Imperfect Worlds and Beings”

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Living Sun of Spiritual Light

“The new in the world is the rising Sun, and the old the setting Sun. This is a law of nature.

“I regard the energy of the Sun as a living energy. Everything grows, blossoms and ripens in it. This living energy comes only early in the morning when the sun rises.

“The clever man, seeing that his organism is lacking a certain type of energy, gathers it from the Sun. He knows that the Sun can provide for any lack of energy in the human organism.” ~Biensa Douno

New Sun, Old Sun

While it may not be exactly what Douno meant, it is true that the Sun today is not the same as the sun of a hundred years ago. The change is mostly on the spiritual level, although is does affect the physical sun as well. It is also true that this is a living sun just as all beings are living.

Living Sun

Materialists will laugh at the idea that the sun is a living being. They also laugh at the idea that crystals are living and can be programmed. But they use computers with memories made of tiny crystals.

As Mr. Douno points out, energy from the sun brings life to most of those beings that science does consider to be living. So if the energy from the sun carries life, than the source of that energy must be alive.

And since the sun is a living being, it has some degree of consciousness. Life can’t exist without it. In fact, nothing can exist without some degree of consciousness. Even the atoms are held together by it.

Life, Not Death

So the physical sun brings life to many things on earth. It brings growth and warmth as well. But you need not worry that is might run out of that life-giving energy. It exchanges energy regularly with other stars. This energy exchange keeps them fresh and new. You might think of it as the universe breathing. Energy in,energy out.

It has become popular among some to blame death on the sun. It causes skin cancer, aging, etc. Complete nonsense. When someone is run over by a car, you don’t blame the gasoline powering the car. Sunlight may be providing the power for the cancer to grow, but isn’t what triggers that growth. It is caused by the junk we eat, drink, wash with, and so on. Primitive people worked out in the sun all day long and didn’t get skin cancer. Continue reading “Living Sun of Spiritual Light”