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“If we would taste God, and feel in ourselves Eternal life above all things, we must go forth into God with a faith that is far above our reason, and there dwell, simply, idle, without image, lifted up by love into the Unwalled Bareness of our intelligence. For when we go out from ourselves in love, and die to all observances in ignorance and darkness, then we are made complete, and transfigured by the Eternal Word, Image of the Father. And in this emptiness of spirit we receive the incomprehensible Light, which enfolds and penetrates us as air is penetrated by the light of the sun. … For our thought, our life, our being, are lifted up in simplicity, and united with the Truth, that is God. Therefore, in this simple gazing we are one life and one spirit with God.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Eternal Life

Eternal life. There is a goal that many seek. Even many who think it impossible seek it anyway, just in case. But they are like someone trying to get gold from an oil well.

It is part of the very nature of matter that it is fleeting. It constantly changes form. Beings of matter are born, grow, get old, then die. There is no way out of that cycles long as they are made of matter. The entire material universe functions that way. Even billion year old stars will die one day. So those who seek eternal life, sometimes at great expense, within the realm of matter are seeking youth in a nursing home. There looking in the wrong place.

The only thing that is eternal is spirit. The only place where you can find eternal life is in the spiritual dimensions. You must develop your spiritual self if you truly want eternal life.

Bareness of Intelligence

When Ms. Underhill says that we need to go into the “Unwalled Bareness of our intelligence,” she means that we must remove the barriers of false beliefs and opinions that fill our minds. Enough studies have been done and examples found of how the mind of a person with false beliefs cannot see something that is very real if he doesn’t believe in it. The best known example is the Native Americans who couldn’t see the ships of Christopher Columbus because they didn’t believe such large boats were possible. Only the medicine man of the tribe could see them because he alone had removed his walls of false beliefs.

Go Out from Ourselves

There are popular spiritual schools today that tell students they will find God and enlightenment by looking within and only within. None of the great mystery schools of the past taught that. Jesus looked up toward Heaven to speak to his father, not within Himself. St. Francis had his awakening while watching a morning sunrise, not while looking within. Jacob Boehm had his awakening when sunlight reflected off a metal bowl and into his eyes. Again, from without, not within.

We do need to look within. That is how we find the false beliefs that we need to clean out. But we find God, Truth and Knowledge by looking without. He looking without should mostly be looking to the spiritual sun.

Incomprehensible Light

When looking without at the spiritual sun, and with the barriers of false beliefs removed, we will “see” that incomprehensible Light. This is the spiritual light that comes from God, into the spiritual sun, then to us. Just as the physical sun is the primary source of physical light and energy on Earth, so the spiritual sun is the primary source of spiritual Light and energy. This light does lift us up to the truth and Knowledge found only in oneness with God. Eventually, the incomprehensible light will become comprehensible. But we do need to work at it. It doesn’t just happen.


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