Eternal self, Twice Born, Brighter Existence influence on the world

“The only dead people in the Universe are the spiritually dead, those “dead in trespasses and sins” who have not as yet learned to forget or rather to refuse to live in and depend on the relatively dead or inert element of earth instead of that drawn from a higher source. Still the few in the vanguard pressing onward are crying out: “Why, here under our noses is the greatest of all motive powers! Why, human thought is a real element, a real force, darting out like electricity from every man’s or woman’s mind , injuring or relieving, killing or curing, building fortunes or tearing them down, working for good or ill, every moment, night or day, asleep or awake, carving, molding and shaping people’s faces and making them ugly or agreeable.” ~Prentice Mulford

I See Dead People

Whether or not people can actually die depends on how you define life. Mr. Mulford is saying that the apparent death of the physical body is not truly death at all. He says this for two reasons. One, while your overall body may be declared dead by a doctor, there is actually life still in it on the level of molecules and atoms. Those atoms will stay alive and form new life forms after the human body they were part of is gone. Secondly, even if the physical body is completely dead, the spirit and soul are still alive.

Staying Alive

Mulford says the secret to eternal life is to refuse to accept that we are nothing more than the elements of the earth. In other words, if we think we are only physical beings, then we will die. If only it were that simple.

What Mulford says is only half of it. We need to not only accept that there is more to us than the physical and mental, we have to awaken and grow our spiritual faculties while we are still alive in physical form. If we wait until the physical body is dead, it will be too late.

Human Thought

Human though is a rare element, but not as important as Mr. Mulford thinks. Beyond the brain-mind of man that is limited in its scope to an understanding of the realm of matter lies another “mind”: the Divine Soul. Our soul is like the mind of the spirit. It is different from the brain-mind because it is linked to the infinite consciousness of God. As such, it know the truth. It doesn’t guess or speculate. It knows the truth.

This is the greater mind of man and it should be in charge of his activities overriding the ego of the brain-mind when necessary. That can only happen if we take the time to awaken and nourish our spiritual self. The only eternal self is the spiritual  self.

Spiritual Life

While I have quoted Mr. Mulford in several posts, I don’t agree with one of his basic premises. He believes that man will one day live eternally within a physical body. This idea defies logic. Look around you.

Everything in the physical universe, changes, ages, dies. Everything! Even if you consider death as just a change of form on the physical level, that human is still gone and will stay gone forever. Only the spirit and soul survive. The eternal self is the spirit and soul. Your human mind will survive only if you unite it with that soul-mind while you are still living.

The planet can survive also, but only if it is changed back into its original spiritual form. The same with the sun and the stars. Matter cannot become eternal, It must be changes into spirit for that to happen. The good news is that process has begun. While few are aware of it, the sun and the stars have changed and will continue to change. The different frequencies of radiation they are now sending out will cause planets, moons, and everything else to change also. We can be part of that process and help it happen, we can simply ignore it, of we can defy it which will result in out true death. Choose wisely.


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