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“Only the Divine in you,which gives you an impulse, should you rely on. The other things in you are also nice, but the Divine is the seed, the Divine is the power, the Divine is happiness in man’s life. Upon it rests the health and happiness of a man’s life, from one end to the other. …

“God is a Consciousness in which all other consciousnesses reside. He strives to regulate all those consciousnesses in Himself. … If we do not put heart into serving God, we will achieve nothing.” ~Biensa Douno

The Divine in You

Many are confused about the idea of the Divine within ourselves. Some think it is impossible for the Divine to be within us. Others claim that they are God because they have the Divine within. Both of those viewpoints are wrong.

We have the Divine within us in the form of the Soul. The soul is Divine because it comes from God. The soul may be considered part of God, but it is not God. When we say we are God we are speaking from ego, not the Soul. We are part of God.

A cell in your finger is a part of you, but it isn’t you. It would be ludicrous for that cell to declare that it was you. You would laugh at that cell. Or perhaps cut it off and flush it down the toilet to teach it some manners. Yet that cell is no more foolish the the human ego declaring that it is God. Huge difference between being a part of a thing, and being that thing. A spark plug is part of a car, but don’t try to drive a spark plug to work.

Divine Happiness

Mr. Douno says happiness comes from the Divine within ourselves, and I agree. Yes we can have some degree of happiness without it, but that happiness is always limited and temporary. If money makes us happy, that money can be taken away from us. When being strong and healthy is what makes us happy, the gift of a disease from Satan can end that happiness. If friends make us happy, they can drift away from us. The only happiness that is permanent is divine happiness. That divine happiness that happens when we become one with God, the Angels, and the Beings of Light. The happiness that happens when we awaken the divine within our souls. But that doesn’t mean that God is within ourselves and we need to turn within to awaken. The Soul is within, but God is mostly without so we need to look within and without. The looking without should primarily consist of gazing at the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness.

God is Consciousness

Some people say that all consciousness is one. That only one consciousness exists. That is true, but only in the same sense that all beings are part of the One. They are part of the One, yet still individual. And there are many levels of consciousness, only the highest of which is truly God Consciousness. The lower levels are part of it, but not aware of it. Part of the purpose of spiritual development is to gradually climb that pyramid of consciousness until we reach the highest level and become one with God. We began by awakening the Divine Within which is the Soul.


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