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Eternal Self and Physical Self

“The only dead people in the Universe are the spiritually dead, those “dead in trespasses and sins” who have not as yet learned to forget or rather to refuse to live in and depend on the relatively dead or inert element of earth instead of that drawn from a higher source. Still the few in the vanguard pressing onward are crying out: “Why, here under our noses is the greatest of all motive powers! Why, human thought is a real element, a real force, darting out like electricity from every man’s or woman’s mind , injuring or relieving, killing or curing, building fortunes or tearing them down, working for good or ill, every moment, night or day, asleep or awake, carving, molding and shaping people’s faces and making them ugly or agreeable.” ~Prentice Mulford

I See Dead People

Whether or not people can actually die depends on how you define life. Mr. Mulford is saying that the apparent death of the physical body is not truly death at all. He says this for two reasons. One, while your overall body may be declared dead by a doctor, there is actually life still in it on the level of molecules and atoms. Those atoms will stay alive and form new life forms after the human body they were part of is gone. Secondly, even if the physical body is completely dead, the spirit and soul are still alive.

Staying Alive

Mulford says the secret to eternal life is to refuse to accept that we are nothing more than the elements of the earth. In other words, if we think we are only physical beings, then we will die. If only it were that simple.

What Mulford says is only half of it. We need to not only accept that there is more to us than the physical and mental, we have to awaken and grow our spiritual faculties while we are still alive in physical form. If we wait until the physical body is dead, it will be too late. Continue reading “Eternal Self and Physical Self”

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Divine Glory of God’s Grace and Light

“every one of us therefore ought to strive, and take pains, and be diligent in all virtues, and to believe, and to seek from the Lord that the inward man may be made partaker of that glory here and now, and that the soul may have fellowship in that sanctity of the Spirit. … For Christ will come down from heaven and raise up all the tribes of Adam, those who from their beginning have fallen asleep. …Those who bear His own sign, that is the seal of the Spirit, He will call to Him as His very own. … Then shall the bodies of these be arrayed with divine glory from their good works, and shall be full of the Glory of the Spirit, which they had in their souls even here.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Strive for Glory

In almost all Earthly professions, we have to strive in order to achieve. You don’t become a great doctor by refusing to study. You don’t become a successful politician by refusing to campaign. Spiritual growth is no different. While we are trapped n the realm of matter, it’s laws apply to us most of the time. One such unwritten law is that we mast strive to accomplish. Yes, we can inherit wealth, but that is not really an accomplishment. To accomplish anything takes work. Awakening the spirit and soul takes work. And once they are awakened, it takes work to keep them “nourished” and growing.

Work doesn’t necessarily mean manual labor. Not that there is anything wrong with manual labor, it is good for us in many ways. The work needed for spiritual awakening and growth is more mental than physical. The only physical part of it is the need to gaze at the spiritual sun regularly to “feed” the spirit and soul with the spiritual energy that sun provides. The Glory comes more from mental work than from manual labor.

The Glory

What is this Glory St. Macarius writes about, and why should we desire. There are many names for it. It may be called enlightenment, or Oneness with God. It may be called Gnosis or Divine Knowledge. Higher Consciousness is another way of saying the same thing. It is the Holy Ghost descending as a dove on the head of Jesus after He was baptized. The tongues of fire that appeared over the heads of some saints is the glory. It is truth, wisdom, and eternal life. Continue reading “Divine Glory of God’s Grace and Light”

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Incomprehensible Light of Eternal Life

“If we would taste God, and feel in ourselves Eternal life above all things, we must go forth into God with a faith that is far above our reason, and there dwell, simply, idle, without image, lifted up by love into the Unwalled Bareness of our intelligence. For when we go out from ourselves in love, and die to all observances in ignorance and darkness, then we are made complete, and transfigured by the Eternal Word, Image of the Father. And in this emptiness of spirit we receive the incomprehensible Light, which enfolds and penetrates us as air is penetrated by the light of the sun. … For our thought, our life, our being, are lifted up in simplicity, and united with the Truth, that is God. Therefore, in this simple gazing we are one life and one spirit with God.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Eternal Life

Eternal life. There is a goal that many seek. Even many who think it impossible seek it anyway, just in case. But they are like someone trying to get gold from an oil well.

It is part of the very nature of matter that it is fleeting. It constantly changes form. Beings of matter are born, grow, get old, then die. There is no way out of that cycles long as they are made of matter. The entire material universe functions that way. Even billion year old stars will die one day. So those who seek eternal life, sometimes at great expense, within the realm of matter are seeking youth in a nursing home. There looking in the wrong place.

The only thing that is eternal is spirit. The only place where you can find eternal life is in the spiritual dimensions. You must develop your spiritual self if you truly want eternal life.

Bareness of Intelligence

When Ms. Underhill says that we need to go into the “Unwalled Bareness of our intelligence,” she means that we must remove the barriers of false beliefs and opinions that fill our minds. Enough studies have been done and examples found of how the mind of a person with false beliefs cannot see something that is very real if he doesn’t believe in it. The best known example is the Native Americans who couldn’t see the ships of Christopher Columbus because they didn’t believe such large boats were possible. Only the medicine man of the tribe could see them because he alone had removed his walls of false beliefs. Continue reading “Incomprehensible Light of Eternal Life”

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Divine Within that Leads to Oneness

“Only the Divine in you,which gives you an impulse, should you rely on. The other things in you are also nice, but the Divine is the seed, the Divine is the power, the Divine is happiness in man’s life. Upon it rests the health and happiness of a man’s life, from one end to the other. …

“God is a Consciousness in which all other consciousnesses reside. He strives to regulate all those consciousnesses in Himself. … If we do not put heart into serving God, we will achieve nothing.” ~Biensa Douno

The Divine in You

Many are confused about the idea of the Divine within ourselves. Some think it is impossible for the Divine to be within us. Others claim that they are God because they have the Divine within. Both of those viewpoints are wrong.

We have the Divine within us in the form of the Soul. The soul is Divine because it comes from God. The soul may be considered part of God, but it is not God. When we say we are God we are speaking from ego, not the Soul. We are part of God.

A cell in your finger is a part of you, but it isn’t you. It would be ludicrous for that cell to declare that it was you. You would laugh at that cell. Or perhaps cut it off and flush it down the toilet to teach it some manners. Yet that cell is no more foolish the the human ego declaring that it is God. Huge difference between being a part of a thing, and being that thing. A spark plug is part of a car, but don’t try to drive a spark plug to work.

Divine Happiness

Mr. Douno says happiness comes from the Divine within ourselves, and I agree. Yes we can have some degree of happiness without it, but that happiness is always limited and temporary. If money makes us happy, that money can be taken away from us. When being strong and healthy is what makes us happy, the gift of a disease from Satan can end that happiness. If friends make us happy, they can drift away from us. The only happiness that is permanent is divine happiness. That divine happiness that happens when we become one with God, the Angels, and the Beings of Light. The happiness that happens when we awaken the divine within our souls. But that doesn’t mean that God is within ourselves and we need to turn within to awaken. The Soul is within, but God is mostly without so we need to look within and without. The looking without should primarily consist of gazing at the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. Continue reading “Divine Within that Leads to Oneness”