tree hugging

“You are fortunate if you love trees, and especially the wild ones growing where the Great Creative Force placed them, and independent of man’s care. For all things we call “wild” or “natural” are nearer the Infinite Mind than those which have been enslaved, artificialised and hampered by man. Being nearer the Infinite they have in them the more perfect Infinite Force and Thought That is why when you are in the midst of what is wild and natural – in the forest or mountains, where every trace of man’s works is left behind you feel an indescribable exhilaration and freedom that you do not realize elsewhere. You breathe an element ever being thrown off by the trees, the rocks, the birds and animals and by every expression of the Infinite Mind about you….

“You are fortunate when you grow to a live, tender, earnest love for the wild trees, animals and birds, and recognize then all as coming from and built of the same mind and spirit as your” ~Prentiss Mulford

Love Trees and Nature

While Mr. Mulford was not exactly a spiritual guru, much of what he wrote is applicable to those of us learning to be more spiritual. While many will think that getting closer to nature isn’t spiritual at all, it is. That is primarily because a natural environment is closer to God than the artificial kind found in cities.

In this particular chapter of his book, he concentrates on tress and why they are important. When he says that what is wild and natural is closer to the “infinite Mind” which is God, than that which is man made, he is correct. We all can’t get out into nature regularly. But almost all of us can get close to a tree, even one that has been planted in an urban area.

Tree Hugging

While tree hugger is used as a name for environmentalists, often in a derogatory way, it can mean more. In some spiritual schools, students are taught to literally hug a tree trunk, or hold their hands close to the leaves, and exchange energy with the tree.1 While you might think such closeness with nature will make you more materialistic, it won’t. That is probably because trees are among the least materialistic life forms on the planet.

You may not be consciously aware of it, but in addition to exchanging energy, you are also exchanging information with the tree. This can help you get a better understanding of the nature of the planet and the universe. It can especially help you understand other living being.

All From the Same Source

One of the important things we can learn from tree hugging is that we are not so different despite outer appearances. As Mulford says, we are all from the same mind and spirit. Animals, trees, and even rocks have a spirit just as we do. I believe that when St. Francis of Assisi had his spiritual awakening, he could see this. That is why he started referring to all as his brothers and sisters. He might even have been able to see that the spirit in the tree had once been a dog, or a mule. And the dog had once been a human spirit. He at least knew that tree hugging was not some crazy thing environmentalists did. It was actually a spiritual practice. And it will get you closer to the most important tree of all, the allegorical Tree of Life.

Start Now

So if you are just starting to develop your spiritual self,  do some tree hugging. And if you can go out into the woods or a mountain top,your tree hugging will produce better results.  Any place where you can get away from  people. Even a park in a city is better than doing it on a city street. So will most other spiritual exercises, for that matter.

1 – Never take energy from other living beings. Send them some of your energy and wait for them to send energy back.


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