“Life without love is a life of worries. But life with love is a life of calmness, work, labor, health, strength, freedom, space, and movement.

“A smart man is one who does not bring on himself unneeded suffering. Every man who brings on himself unneeded suffering does not possess strong intellect. … I say the man who rectifies his mistakes, he is a man. He who does not rectify his mistakes, he is an animal. … The only thing that brings meaning to the life of people is Truth. And when we have joy and merriment, it is the Truth that has caused that joy. … If a man loves truth, it always will help him.” ~Biensa Douno

Life of Worries

Have you ever known a person who worries about nearly everything? I have. They are sometimes called a worrywart. A worrywart worries that they won’t have enough money to pay the bills. They worry that they will be in an accident nearly every time they ride in a car. They are likely to be hypochondriacs who think they have every illness they hear is going around. A worrywart doesn’t have much fun. According to Douno, they don’t have much love either. They probably have some love for their spouse and children. But they don’t love humanity in general. The certainly don’t love the world. It is this love for all that prevents most worrying, especially the excessive and unjustified worrying of the worrywart.

Worrywart Intellect

Mr Douno says that the worries too much, and brings suffering upon himself by doing so, “does not possess strong intellect.” I have to disagree with him on this one. I know people with very high intelligence who worry quite a lot. It isn’t the development of the brain-mind that ends the life of worries. It is awakening the spirit and soul that does that. When the always loving consciousness of the soul overtakes the intellect of the brain-mind we will have peace, love, and joy.

Always Improve

Whether you are a true worrywart or not, you have room for improvement. If your intellect is genius level, you still have room for improvement in other areas. Douno says that a man must rectify his mistakes to truly be a man. I will go further than that and say that even if a man has not made any obvious mistakes, he should always seek to grow and improve.

Spiritual Growth

While worrywarts differ in many ways, one thing they all have in common is that they are not very spiritual. Some may call themselves spiritual, but that doesn’t mean anything. If they have not at least started the process of awakening their spiritual faculties, they cannot really claim to be spiritual. Worrywarts are not the only ones who lack spiritual awareness. In this age of greed and materialism, there are many who do nothing to improve their spiritual self. This may be because they don’t believe in the spirit and soul. Or it may be that they believe, they just don’t think it necessary to do anything to develop their spiritual self.

It does seem strange to some of us that so many people will join a fitness center to develop their muscles, and go to college to develop their brain-mind, but don’t think developing the spirit and soul is necessary.

Love and Truth

Love and Truth can cure the worrywart. But how do you get real love and where do you find real truth? Politicians are telling us the media is lying. The media says it’s the politicians doing the lying. The marketers tell us whatever will sell the product or service they are marketing. You’re not going to find much truth in that world. Not much love either.

The one world that is full of truth is the spiritual world. In fact, there is nothing but truth to be found there. Anything you are told by an angel or a Being of Light is not opinion, but truth. And this world of absolute Truth is also the world of absolute Love. The two go together because when you know the truth, you cannot help but love all beings. So don’t be a worrywart. Be a spiritual student instead.


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