Two roads, Pythagorean Y

“Brothers in belief, there are two roads through life, the Road of Good and the Road of Evil; they are not clearly defined roads and often run side by side and sometimes cross each other. Those who travel without a guide or in darkness often mistake one road for the other. We are those who have chosen to walk in light, in brotherhood of men who travel the Road of Good together in companionship.

“We are companions on the Great Path of the True Way, and when an instructing brother speaks of the Great Path of the True Way, he speaks of a double path. The companions of the Right Hand are those who bear the burdens of earthly labor and advancement. … The companions of the Left Hand are those who bear the burdens of spiritual labor and enlightenment, things closer to the heart of men.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:3:1-2)

Two Roads of Life

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

In may seem like there are many roads in life, but the Kolbrin Bible is correct is saying there are really only two. There may be many lanes on each road, but really only two roads. And as is also said in the Kolbrin Bible quote, it is often difficult for most of us to know which path is which.

I don’t know if Robert Frost was a very spiritual person, but the quote form one of his most famous poems certainly fits this situation. He tells us that when he came to a fork in the road, he looked and say that one path was well-worn from much use. The other path had grass and weeds growing on it from lack of use. He took the path less traveled. That path is the spiritual path. Very often we can tell the correct path in the same way Frost did. Another way is our intuition. If we have it and use it, it can guide us to the correct path in most cases.

Today’s Confusion

In our age of rampant materialism, we even have churches and religious groups who seem to be more concerned with the material than the spiritual. They worry more about how you dress than how much you develop your spiritual self. Hey get very involved in feeding poor people (a worthy cause, to be sure), yet do nothing to feed the souls of the spiritually hungry. They think they are on the right path, but they are not. They are not the only ones. There are the most obvious examples of criminals and the greedy people who would be considered criminals in a more spiritual society. There are less obvious examples of those who are always putting material “needs” ahead of the spiritual.

The truth is that few of us stay on one of the two roads forever. We are often finding ourselves taking a wrong turn at one of those points where the paths cross. We should not give up, or berate ourselves when that happens, just move back to the correct path as soon as possible.

A Good Guide

The Kolbrin Bible recommends we get a good guide to help us stay on the correct path. This is certainly the best answer. A mountain climber would never try to climb Mt. Everest without making use of the Sherpa Guides. SCUBA diving adventures in most places require that a dive master or dive instructor always be part of the group. A person who doesn’t want to get lost on the path to spiritual enlightenment will work with a spiritual teacher or spiritual school. Unfortunately, you will again have to rely on intuition. There are greedy people who are creating spiritual schools all the time as a way to make a quick buck.

Right Hand and Left Hand

The quote from the Kolbrin Bible then goes on to tell us that one of the two roads, which it calls the Right Hand path is the road of earthly labor and advancement, while the Left Hand road is that of spiritual labor and enlightenment. The important thing to note here is that there is no indication that either of them is the wrong path, just different. In fact, most spiritual people start out by doing good deeds on the material road before advancing to the spiritual. Even advanced spiritual people must do some physical and material work at times. So going from one to the other of the two roads isn’t wrong, or even undesirable. It is only those stuck always on the road of matter who are lost.


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