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“We wish to touch upon a certain feature of subconscious mentation that has been much dwelt upon by certain schools, … but which has also been misunderstood. … We allude to what has been called the ‘Power of Thought.’ While this power is very real, and like any other of the forces of nature may be properly used and applied in our every day life, still many students of the power of the mind have misused it and have stooped to practices worthy only of those followers of the schools of ‘Black Magic.’ We hear on all sides of the use of ‘treatments’ for selfish and often base ends, those following these practices seeming to be in utter ignorance of the occult laws brought into operation, and the terrible reaction inevitably falling to the lot f those practicing this negative form of mental influence.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Thought World

Thought does have power. And our world can be said to be created by thought. I’ve written about it in several previous articles. And it seems like every decade or so, someone come us with a new program for using that power. We had Positive Thinking, then Visualization, and now the Power of Attraction. They are all variations of the same thing. But as Mr. Atkinson correctly notes, they can backfire when misused. Even when done right, their effect is limited.

The first thing we need to understand is that the physical universe around us is formed by thought. But it is not formed only by my thoughts. Nor is your world formed entirely by your thoughts. The thoughts of the fallen angels, or the Demiurge, originally created the physical realm, and still largely control it. Our thoughts do have an effect, though, which is why the devils and demons try to control how we think. If they can get us to believe what they want us to, then our thoughts will help support and maintain the realm they created.

Collective Thought World

The other part of it is that our thoughts are rarely independent of others. I really believe that our minds communicate with each other on a subconscious level. Not all thoughts get shared, and some of the information we receive is conflicting, yet it is there. When we look at a particular glob of light energy and see a tree, it is not just because we believe it to be a tree, but also because most of the other people seeing it believe so as well.

Black Magic Thought World

Mr. Atkinson cautions against the idea of using the knowledge of a thought world for “Black Magic.” What that means is more than simply using thought power to control or harm others. It really means any use of such knowledge for material gain or similar materialistic purposes. So using such knowledge to control the winning lottery numbers would constitute black magic.1 Using it to make yourself get a job promotion is another example of misuse, though a less serious one. Trying to heal another of an illness using this power is technically a material use, but under some circumstances, an allowable one.

White Magic Thought World

What is an acceptable way to use thought power in the thought world is visualizing positive and spiritual change. Seeing the world becoming a place of peace.  Visualizing a world where there is no greed and all share willingly.  Imagining our world of matter gradually changing back into spirit. And if we do those things in a group rather than alone, we increase their power. That is proper use of the power of thought.

The Bill’s in the Mail

The other reason why it is not a good idea to use though power to gain material wealth in the thought world is because it is an actual law of the material realm that there is no free ride. If you are using positive thinking, or the power of attraction, to get something you have truly earned, but for some reason didn’t get, then you need not be concerned. On the other hand, if you are being lazy and trying to get things without earning them, you can be in for a big surprise. This is another aspect of Karma. If you ask for, and get, things you haven’t earned, then you have purchased them on credit from the demons and devils who control this level. They are the nastiest bill collectors of all. They always make sure you pay, one way or another.

Thought World Caution

So before you jump with both feet into using the Power of Attraction, or some similar plan for using thoughts to get whatever you want, remember the old adage: “Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.” That can be interpreted in too ways. Most often, it is thought to mean that you will get what you ask for and find out it isn’t as great as you thought. A more general interpretation may also apply. When you ask for and receive that which you haven’t earned, you will get charged for it.

1 – It probably wouldn’t work anyway because hundreds of others would be doing the same thing for different numbers.


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