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“The Circuit does not go by chance but under the Reason-Principle of the living whole; therefore there must be a harmony between cause and caused; there must be some order ranging things to each other’s purpose, or in due relation to each other. …

“In our dance-plays there are outside elements contributing to the total effect—fluting, singing, and other linked accessories—and each of there changes in each new movement: there is no need to dwell on these; their significance is obvious. But besides this there is the fact that the limbs of the dancer cannot possible keep the same positions in every figure; they adapt themselves to the plan, bending as it dictates. … The dancer’s mind is on his own purpose; his limbs are submissive to the dance movement. … The whole play of the entire person dictates the necessary position to each limb and member as it serves the plan.” ~Plotinus

The Circuit of the Dance

Most of us today think of electronics when we hear the word “circuit,” but it has a much broader meaning. Virtually anything which has a circular nature to it can be considered a circuit. You plant seeds, grow vegetables, save some of the seeds of the vegetables to plant again next spring. That’s a circuit. The physical universe is a great circuit with each galaxy being a sub-circuit and each star system within the galaxy being lower sub-circuit. The physical universes is a sub-circuit of the All with its nine dimensions of matter (dimensions 1-4) and spirit (dimensions 5-9).

These circuits behave in ways that are very similar to an electrical circuit. If you want to increase the flow of energy in an electrical circuit, you increase the power source. If you want to decrease the energy flow, you add a resistor to the circuit. A break in the wire that forms the circuit will shut the flow down completely.

In our physical bodies, one of the circuits is the circulatory system that carries blood. If the veins and arteries get clogged, it acts like the resistors in electrical circuits to reduce the flow of blood. If we go outside in cold weather without a coat on, the heart will start beating faster to increase blood flow. Then there is our memory circuit. The eyes pick up light and translate it into electrical signals sent to the brain. The brain interprets it, then decides how to react. It also stores the image in our memory. Bad eyesight can make those memory images blurry. A damaged optical nerve can do the same. But even more, belief filters in our brain change what we see all the time, and we are not even aware of it.

Dancer and the Dance

A dance is a kind of a circuit also, even when it isn’t the kind called a circuit dance. It is a circuit because it consists of many elements that make up the whole. Some of these elements may not even be considered part of the dance, but they are.

There is the music that one dances to. You wouldn’t dance the jitterbug if the music being played is a waltz. There is the culture you grew up in. You will tend to dance in a manner that is considered proper in that culture. You look at what dance is being done by others, and follow their example.

Plotinus is saying we shouldn’t let such things as our culture and our personal beliefs and fears dictate how we dance. We need to do it without too much thinking. Just let our body and limbs flow with the music.

Spirit Dance

Of course, it is not really dance techniques that Plotinus is trying to teach; it is spiritual growth. He is using dance as an allegory for describing how we should approach spiritual growth and spiritual practices.

First, he is telling us that there is a harmony to it. A circuit and a cycle. Just as in a physical dance hall, you dance while the music is being played, and stop when the music stops, so there are times which are better for doing spiritual practices, especially spiritual sun gazing, than others. Dawn is generally considered the best time. There is a reason why most churches traditionally had their service early in the morning. Then the laziness of modern man who refused to get up so early forced them to do the services later on.

Plotinus adds that the dance is enhances with music and singing. The spirit dance can be improved with music also. Certain music will help energy flow through the energy centers and create a complete spirit dance circuit. Crystals and gem stones can aid in getting to the right frequencies, the right harmony for the spirit dance. They can also help keep demonic influences away from you. On a mental level, the spirit dance can be impeded by false beliefs just as the physical one is.

So for the best spirit dance you can do, have an open mind, follow the flow, and use what aid you can to make the dance more productive.


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