Trickery and Manipulation by the Greedy

“Though the covetous grown wealthy
See his piles of gold grow high;
Though he gather store of treasure
That can never satisfy;
Though with pearls his gorget blazes,
Rarest that the ocean yields;
Though a hundred head of oxen
Travail in his ample fields;
Ne’er shall carking care forsake him
While he draws this vital breath,
And his riches go not with him,
When his eyes are closed in death.

“Well but official dignity clothes him to whom it comes with honor and reverence! Have, then, offices of state such power as to plant virtue in the minds of their possessors, and drive out vice? Nay! …Dost not see what infamy high position brings upon the bad? … No, we cannot deem men worthy of reverence on account of their office, whom we deem unworthy of the office itself.” ~Boethius

Greed and Avarice are not Virtues

There was a time when nearly all of us understood that greed, avarice, and covetousness are undesirable. Most religions label them sins, except the poor lost souls of modern Evangelical Christianity. Yet even those who still officially condemn greed almost never criticize it when they see it all around them.

Boethius’ short “song” and the paragraphs following it seem to be mismatched. The song is about greed, while the rest is about unworthy individuals holding public office. They are not mismatched, however, if the greedy start buying their way into public office because they desire the power and honors that go with those offices.

Greed with Honors

In this time when democracies have become oligarchies instead, it should not be too surprising that the greedy can buy public offices through various types of trickery. Others choose instead to remain in the background and manipulate their handpicked politicians like puppets. The really sad thing is that so many see this is happening and do nothing to stop it. I fear it may take actual revolutions in some countries for it to end.

Boethius is correct in saying, however, that the job doesn’t make the man. If you want a good senator, you must elect a worthy person to that office. If you want a president who represents the people, you must vote for such a person, and not one who represents only himself and the other kings of avarice. Continue reading “Trickery and Manipulation by the Greedy”

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Primal Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun

“It is enough for man to direct his gaze towards the rising Sun to dispense the clouds gathered inside his consciousness. Such a thing is the Primal consciousness. It is enough for man to link up with that consciousness, so he can disperse the anguish and suffering gathered within him. The Primal consciousness is the Sun on the horizon of our spiritual life. It is in a position to awaken the consciousness of every man, to bring in more light, more life into it. … The Sun is an emblem of the Great Source of the world. …

“The human brain is like the Earth, which cannot produce by itself; rather, the creative power comes from space. It is the Sun that affects the surface of the Earth.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Gazing

There are several ways to gaze at the sun. Some are better than others. Some are safer than others. Which you use should depend on what results are desired. If your primary interest is health of the physical body, then simple gazing at the physical sun is enough. If, however, your goal is to awaken and grow your spirit and soul, a different kind of sungazing is needed.

In spiritual sun gazing, the idea is to take in light mostly from the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Exactly how to do that requires training from a spiritual school. It is an advanced mystical training that is not published openly. You do take in light from the physical sun as well, but the emphasis is on the spiritual.

Primal Consciousness

What Mr. Douno calls “Primal consciousness” seems to be the first consciousness. This is the source of all consciousness It is the consciousness of God. It is the goal of most spiritual students and mystics to link with that consciousness. It is not primitive or barbaric as the word “primal” is often used today. Other names for this consciousness include Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

When you link with that consciousness, you no longer have to guess what is true and what is false, what is real and what is illusion: you know. God knows all truth and all deception and when you link with that consciousness, so do you. Continue reading “Primal Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun”

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Longing After Light in the Land of Darkness

“For by the great Longing of the Darkness after the Light and Virtue of God, this world has been generated out of the Darkness, where the holy Virtue of God beheld itself  in the Darkness, and therefore this great Desiring and Longing after the Divine Virtue continues in the Spirit of the Sun, Stars, and Elements, and in all things. All groan and pant after the divine Virtue, and would fain be delivered from the Vanity of the Devil: But seeing that cannot be, therefore all creatures must wait till their dissolution when they shall go into the Ether, and get a place in Paradise.” ~Jacob Boehme

Longing After Light

It is not only the spiritual people and those who have turned to God who seek the Light of Enlightenment. Like a moth that cannot help but be drawn into the fire, the demons are also drawn to it. You would think these creatures of Darkness are repelled by the Light, but they are not. While they dislike it for being an enemy of Darkness, they are nonetheless drawn to it. It is not simply a matter of opposites attracting. The demons feel the longing after Light because like all others they are destined to be saved by it.

The Greedy are Longing After Light

We are sadly living in a time when many see greed as a virtue rather than one of the deadly sins. Many still don’t get that the greedy are not just indifferent to poverty, they create it.

If there are ten gold coins to share for ten people, each person should get one coin. If a greedy person near the beginning of the line takes three coins, two people will not get a coin. Nature works the same way. It always creates enough to satisfy our needs But when the greedy take far more than they need, others must do without. This is sin, not virtue.

But the reason even reasonably good people can become ridiculously greedy is that they don’t understand the truth. They feel a craving, so they start gathering material wealth in one form or another. The craving doesn’t go away, so they go after even more material goods and pleasures. Few realize that the craving is never satisfied because what they really crave is spiritual. It is the longing after light, the desire to return to spirit.

A Universe Longing After Light

Boehme says the longing after light continues beyond Earth and into the “Spirit of the Sun,” as well as the other stars, planets, galaxies,  etcetera. It is important to note that he doesn’t say that the physical sun is longing for Light, but its spiritual counterpart. Likewise with the other stars, planets, and all things and beings. It is the spirit within them that longs for that spiritual Light. That is totally understandable. It is that spiritual Light which awakens, nourishes, and grows the spirit in all beings and things. And as it does, they gradually change until they will be completely spiritual beings and things once again.

A Satisfied Longing After Light

In Boehme’s time, longing after light was all most people could do. But times have changed. In many ways it has gotten worse. In one particular way, however, it has gotten better. The Sun of Righteousness spoken of by the prophet Malachi now shines upon us. With this brighter, more powerful version of the spiritual sun, it is easier for all of us to not just long for the Light, but reach for it and grab it. Don’t miss the opportunity. It won’t happen again.

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Sensible Things: the Traps of Matter

“Consider how quickly all things are dissolved and resolved: the bodies and substances themselves, into the matter and substance of the world: and their memories into the general age and time of the world. Consider the nature of all worldly sensible things; of those especially, which either ensnare by pleasure, or for their irksomeness are dreadful, or for their outward luster and show are in great esteem and request, how vile and contemptible, how base and corruptible, how destitute of all true life and being they are.

“It is part of a man endowed with a good understanding faculty, to consider what they themselves are in very deed, from those bare conceits and voices. … as also what it is to die, and how if a man shall consider this by itself alone, to die, and separate from it in his mind all those things.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Dissolved and Resolved

Seeing people pursue the temporary “gifts” and pleasures of the realm of matter with total abandon is always amazing to those of us who are at lease partially awakened spiritually. We shake our head when we see people who say they can’t spend five or ten minutes a day in spiritual growth practices, stand in line for six or seven days to get the cellphone flavor-of-the-month. If we ourselves were among those matter seekers at some time, we are even amazed at ourselves. Not angry, of course, just amazed at our foolishness.

Nature of Sensible Things

When Marcus Aurelius calls the material things “sensible,” he doesn’t mean intelligent, smart, as in “common sense”. He simply means things that appeal to the physical senses, whether good or bad. This would include food, both the healthy nutritious kind, and the junk food eaten simply for pleasure. It means clothing, housing, and any other material possessions. He particularly opposes those that “ensnare” us by pleasure or “their outward luster and show.” So the wearing of clothing for modesty or to keep warm is fine. Its the wearing of fancy clothing to impress others with our wealth and good taste that is “vile and contemptible”. The owning of a house for shelter is acceptable. But the owning of an eighty-room mansion for a family of four to live in is abomination, especially when there are families sleeping in the streets a few miles away.

Destitute of True Life

Those Sensible Things are destitute of true life, not because they are dead. Some of them may in fact be fancy pets kept not out of love, but fashion. But when we embrace such things wholeheartedly, it is we who become destitute of true life because we are moving away from the spiritual and toward the material.

Attached to Sensible Things

It is not just owning material possessions that is a problem, but being attached to them. A good example of a person who has become too attached to things is one who refuses to evacuate in an emergency for fear someone will take some of his things. Placing sensible things at a higher value than human or animal life is a sure indication that the person has become too attached to those things.

In fairness to them, it is an easy thing to do. Unless you inherit a fortune, it takes much work to accumulate an abundance of sensible things. This makes us value them more then we should. It makes us get attached to them. This is exactly what the demonic masters of the material plane want. The more they keep us attached to matter, the less likely we are to escape back o spirit. Continue reading “Sensible Things: the Traps of Matter”