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Always Humble for Real Spiritual Growth

“Therefore take heed what thou does. When thou hast made thy Promise, keep it, and then She will crown thee more readily than thou wouldst be crowned. But thou must be sure when the Tempter cometh to thee with the Pleasures, Beauty, and Glory of the World, that thy mind reject it, and say, I must be a Servant and not a Master in the Vineyard of Christ; I am but a steward of God in and overall that I have, and I must do with it as His word teaches me my heart must sit down with the simple and lowly, in the dust, and be always humble.” ~Jacob Boehme

Keep Your Promises

We should keep our promises. No one can trust us if we make promises that we don’t keep. Probably the only exception is when we wake up enough to realize that a promise we have made is evil, or at least contrary to the Will of God. In that case, it is probably best to break the promise.

But when Boehme talks about keeping our promise, he doesn’t mean just any promise. He is specifically referring to the promise made to Sophia (her) or to God. Nor does he mean promises to get more sleep, eat better, or give up smoking. He is talking about our promise to ourselves and to God to develop our spiritual faculties. Those who do so will get that crown from Sophia which is Gnosis, or True Knowledge.

Resist the Tempter

When Boehme and other spiritual teaches tell us to avoid the temptations of the world, it does not mean we must be penniless, receive no awards, and date or marry only ugly people. We can have reasonable pleasures, beautiful things, and even awards and titles, as long as we are able to not get attached to them. If we find ourselves getting attached to material possessions, than as spiritual students, it is our duty to get rid of those possessions.

If Satan were the only Tempter we had to worry about, the job might be easy. Unfortunately, Satan has many demons who help him convince us to do the wrong thing. Also many human helpers who generally don’t even realize that by promoting greed and materialism, they are promoting Satanism. Continue reading “Always Humble for Real Spiritual Growth”

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Bodies and Dimensions of Man and the Universe

“According to occultism, each of man’s bodies is a certain magnitude. The physical body is one magnitude, the astral body – a second one, the mental body – a third one, and the causal body – a fourth one. Each of these bodies has its specific energies. You shall understand these energies, to be able to transform them and turn them from one world to another.

“The bodies are three-dimensional, but the soul cannot be three-dimensional. The world of feelings is four-dimensional. The mental world is five-dimensional, and the causal world is six-dimensional. The soul is from the seven-dimensional world.” ~Biensa Douno

I Don’t Got One Body

While we in Cosolargy agree with Mr Douno, we differ in the names and counts of how many bodies we actually have. The important thing, is that we don’t have one body only. We have several. In Cosolargy, we say there are three bodies: the physical, the mental or astral, and the spiritual. We also would say that each body has a different frequency rather than a different magnitude. Or to be more accurate, each body has a different frequency range. That is important to understand because we have the ability to raise the frequencies of those bodies as well as the worlds they live in.

Many Dimensions

There are nine primary dimensions that make up the complete creation. The highest is the Godhead, the lowest is the Great Void where nothing, not even matter can exist. onion dimensionsDimensions five through nine are the spiritual dimensions. Dimensions one through four are material dimensions, with various amounts of spirit in the mix. I think Mr. Douno is incorrectly using the word “dimensional”. The number of a dimension does not correspond with the number of dimensions within it. The second dimension, for example, is three-dimensional just as our third dimension is. There is no reason, therefore, to think that dimension number 7 has seven dimensions. And in the highest dimensions, where time and space don’t exist, there are no dimension at all in the sense that we normally mean them. A spirit has no height, no width, no weight, no age. It is everywhere and every-when. The same is true of the dimensions of pure spirit.

Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is the realm of emotions, as Douno indicates. You might think this makes it a good place, but you would be wrong. This is the land of demons and devils. The dwelling place of the dark beings. It is also the realm f brain-mind, the land of intellect and the place where psychic abilities are developed. It is a place we must pass through on our spiritual journey, but we should not stop there for any length of time.

Fifth Dimension

The Fifth dimension is higher than the fourth, and more spiritual. It is the place where angels and other Light Beings live. They reach down to us and try to help us climb out of the pit of materialism and up to their level. Continue reading “Bodies and Dimensions of Man and the Universe”

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Harmony with Divine Will for Continued Spiritual Growth

“That power of making ‘swift and loving ascents’ to the plane of onwise to which man attained t the end of the Interior Life, that conscious harmony with the Divine Will which then became the controlling factor of his active career, cannot be the end of the process of transcendence. The soul now hungers for a more intense Reality, a closer contact with ‘Him who is measureless; a deeper and deeper penetration into the burning heart of the universe. … Beyond both the conditioned and unconditioned world, beyond the Trinity itself that love discerns its ultimate objective—the very Godhead, the Divine Unity.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Plane of Onwise

I don’t know what “onwise” meant to ancient mystics. The only references I find online are to a modern corporation using that name. I believe that it means those who have raised their frequencies high enough to be in regular contact with the fifth dimension. That is the lowest of the nine dimensions considered to be part of the spiritual realms. It is the place where angels and Being of Light dwell. This is usually the highest level spiritual people become a part of while still living in the third dimension of matter. Quoting and interpreting from the writings of John of Ruysbroeck, Underhill says that this cannot be the end of our spiritual life, or the end of our spiritual growth. She is correct. If the fifth dimension were the highest level we could ever reach, it would be pointless to even bother. Fortunately, it isn’t.

Harmony With Divine Will

Living in harmony with Divine Will is certainly the goal of all real mystics and spiritual students. Those who call themselves spiritual but make no attempt to harmonize with Divine Will and Order are not really being spiritual at all.

We can divide this harmony with Divine Will into two levels for convenience. The first level is what Underhill is talking about here. This is when you are still a student, and still learning. You haven’t become one with God, so you can only try to know His Will. You do this with insight, intuition, and guidance from your spiritual teacher. At this level, you are mostly doing what others tell you to do.

As Ms. Underhill says, however, there is a higher level. A “closer contact,” as she puts it. It is becoming one with the Divine. That Divine Unity is usually temporary at first. Often no more than a quick flash the first time. But as you continue to grow, it will eventually become permanent. This is the ultimate Divine Harmony. Continue reading “Harmony with Divine Will for Continued Spiritual Growth”


Worrywart and How to Cure It

“Life without love is a life of worries. But life with love is a life of calmness, work, labor, health, strength, freedom, space, and movement.

“A smart man is one who does not bring on himself unneeded suffering. Every man who brings on himself unneeded suffering does not possess strong intellect. … I say the man who rectifies his mistakes, he is a man. He who does not rectify his mistakes, he is an animal. … The only thing that brings meaning to the life of people is Truth. And when we have joy and merriment, it is the Truth that has caused that joy. … If a man loves truth, it always will help him.” ~Biensa Douno

Life of Worries

Have you ever known a person who worries about nearly everything? I have. They are sometimes called a worrywart. A worrywart worries that they won’t have enough money to pay the bills. They worry that they will be in an accident nearly every time they ride in a car. They are likely to be hypochondriacs who think they have every illness they hear is going around. A worrywart doesn’t have much fun. According to Douno, they don’t have much love either. They probably have some love for their spouse and children. But they don’t love humanity in general. The certainly don’t love the world. It is this love for all that prevents most worrying, especially the excessive and unjustified worrying of the worrywart.

Worrywart Intellect

Mr Douno says that the worries too much, and brings suffering upon himself by doing so, “does not possess strong intellect.” I have to disagree with him on this one. I know people with very high intelligence who worry quite a lot. It isn’t the development of the brain-mind that ends the life of worries. It is awakening the spirit and soul that does that. When the always loving consciousness of the soul overtakes the intellect of the brain-mind we will have peace, love, and joy.

Always Improve

Whether you are a true worrywart or not, you have room for improvement. If your intellect is genius level, you still have room for improvement in other areas. Douno says that a man must rectify his mistakes to truly be a man. I will go further than that and say that even if a man has not made any obvious mistakes, he should always seek to grow and improve. Continue reading “Worrywart and How to Cure It”