always humble

“Therefore take heed what thou does. When thou hast made thy Promise, keep it, and then She will crown thee more readily than thou wouldst be crowned. But thou must be sure when the Tempter cometh to thee with the Pleasures, Beauty, and Glory of the World, that thy mind reject it, and say, I must be a Servant and not a Master in the Vineyard of Christ; I am but a steward of God in and overall that I have, and I must do with it as His word teaches me my heart must sit down with the simple and lowly, in the dust, and be always humble.” ~Jacob Boehme

Keep Your Promises

We should keep our promises. No one can trust us if we make promises that we don’t keep. Probably the only exception is when we wake up enough to realize that a promise we have made is evil, or at least contrary to the Will of God. In that case, it is probably best to break the promise.

But when Boehme talks about keeping our promise, he doesn’t mean just any promise. He is specifically referring to the promise made to Sophia (her) or to God. Nor does he mean promises to get more sleep, eat better, or give up smoking. He is talking about our promise to ourselves and to God to develop our spiritual faculties. Those who do so will get that crown from Sophia which is Gnosis, or True Knowledge.

Resist the Tempter

When Boehme and other spiritual teaches tell us to avoid the temptations of the world, it does not mean we must be penniless, receive no awards, and date or marry only ugly people. We can have reasonable pleasures, beautiful things, and even awards and titles, as long as we are able to not get attached to them. If we find ourselves getting attached to material possessions, than as spiritual students, it is our duty to get rid of those possessions.

If Satan were the only Tempter we had to worry about, the job might be easy. Unfortunately, Satan has many demons who help him convince us to do the wrong thing. Also many human helpers who generally don’t even realize that by promoting greed and materialism, they are promoting Satanism.

Servant or Master

Some have difficulty excepting that they must become servants of God in order to achieve true enlightenment and Gnosis. Think of it this way. If someone gives you a job in a factory that makes shoes, but you decide to make hats instead, do you think the owners of the shoe factory are going to pay you anyway? The answer is no, they won’t pay you if you don’t make what they hired you to make. Likewise, God’s Gifts go to those who agree to do his work rather than their own.

Always Humble

In short, we must always be humble, helpful, and thankful if we want to progress on our spiritual path. Without humility, we could never accept that we must be servants of God. Without being always humble, we will easily be tempted by the greedy and the pleasure-seekers. If we are not always humble, we open doors for anger, jealousy, and other negative feelings.

The materialists laugh at the idea that the humble will inherit the earth. But those who are always humble will inherit it. They will inherit the world after it is transformed back into a spiritual world and is run by the spiritual rather than the materialistic. The materialistic won’t even be able to survive is such a world. So start trying to be always humble now. We all slip and fall occasionally. Don’t let that prevent you from getting up and continuing on your path to spiritual enlightenment.


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