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Spiritual Development for Truth and Wisdom

“If the highest state of spiritual development is attained the spirit, endowed with the highest spiritual activity of the soul, attracts the truth, and perceives and knows at once the conditions, causes, and effects of all external and internal, natural and divine things. It sees them within the eternal truth like a mirror of Eternity. By this process Man, while he still remains in eternal nature, may know all that exists in the internal and external world, and see all things, not merely those which are, but those which have been, or which will exist in the future.” ~Franz Hartmann

Spiritual Development

Some people think we are simply born with a spirit and soul and there is nothing about them that needs to be developed. They are whole and fully functional when we are born. We simply have to acknowledge they exist and we instantly achieve complete spiritual enlightenment.

That is like saying we are born with muscles, so there is no need to exercise. We have muscles, so just leave them alone and they will grow on their own. Back when we did almost everything without the help of machines, they may have been true, but not now. If we want big, strong muscles, we have to work at it.

Likewise, with our spiritual faculties. We come into the world with a spirit and soul, but they are in a dormant state. They must first be awakened, then developed. And this spiritual development is an ongoing process. It doesn’t end after a month, or even a year. It generally takes decades for one to reach the highest level of spiritual development and achieve Gnosis and Christ Consciousness.

Perceives and Knows

The brain-mind is a wondrous thing, but it’s ability to understand things is limited to the realm of matter. Only the awakened spirit and soul can understand the realm of spirit. But even the awakened spirit doesn’t understand everything immediately. And much of what is does understand isn’t shared with the brain-mind. So you may be more enlightened than your mind thinks you are.

The awakened spirit and soul perceives things in a different way than the mind. For one thing, time has little meaning in the spiritual realm, so they perceive past events as easily as they perceive current ones. And many see some future events as well. They may not see every detail, but they get some idea of what the future will be like. They see the big picture, not next week’s winning lottery numbers.

Truth and Wisdom

Even more important than seeing into the past and the future is seeing truth. This is where spiritual development really pays off. Much of the knowledge we gain from books and classes is conjecture and opinion. Even that which is definitely proven true is usually limited because only the material side of it is known and discussed. The spiritual side is ignored.

Some spiritual schools, sadly, work the same way. But real spiritual schools don’t tell their students to learn truth and wisdom from books and gurus. Instead, the teach the students to learn the path to wisdom and truth from books and gurus. Once they have truly awakened their spiritual self, they see truth without having to read it. They understand what is wise without a guru telling them. When they become united with God, they know all that can be known. This is real Gnosis. That is what real spiritual development achieves.

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Sophia’s Kiss of Wisdom and Truth

“Beloved Soul, if thou will be earnest without intermission, thou shall certainly obtain the favor of a kiss from the noble Sophia (or Divine Wisdom)… for she stands ever before the door of the Soul, knocking and warning the sinner of his wicked way. Now if it once desires Her Love, She is ready for it and kisses it with the beams of her sweet love, from whence the heart receives joy. But she does no presently lay herself in the marriage bed with the soul, that is, she does not presently awaken the extinguished Heavenly image in Herself, which disappeared in Adam in Paradise. No, there might be danger to man in that; for if Adam and Lucifer fell, having it manifest in them the same may easily happen to man, who is so strongly enthralled in Vanity.” ~Jacob Boehme

Sophia’s Kiss

The kiss of Sophia is another way of saying that one has achieved Gnosis. Sophia’s kiss is not something one gets from reading books or studying at a university. In comes in a flash when you are ready for it and attuned to it. And it comes gradually and slowly so you are not overwhelmed by it.

Sophia’s Love

Sophia is willing to give wisdom and truth to one who loves it and seeks it. But not everyone who wants wisdom is granted it. Some want it to help them rule over others. Sophia wants noting to do with them. Others want wisdom and truth to help them achieve fame and fortune. Again, Sophia has nothing to say. But to those who seek wisdom for the betterment of man, Sophia is ready. For those who seek to do the will of God, Sophia speaks.

Even when Sophia’s Kiss does give wisdom and truth, she does it gradually. As Boehme puts it, she does not let any visitor lay with her in her marriage bed. In other words, she makes certain the persons motives are pure before too much wisdom is shared. She also has to be sure the person is able to handle it and not go mad. As Boehme puts it, if Adam and Lucifer fell, so could any of us. Of course, one can never be certain that the truth is being revealed only to those who will use it wisely. Still, it is best to take reasonable precautions. Continue reading “Sophia’s Kiss of Wisdom and Truth”

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Freewill, Its Meaning and Application

“Work not the desire of thy soul apart from the law of God. How many commandments must I write, and how many laws must I write, and how many laws must I engrave; which, if thou desirest thy freedom, thou canst learn all from thyself? And if thou lovest purity, thou will teach it to others also. Let nature be thy book, and all creation thy tables; and learn from them the laws, and meditate things unwritten. The sun in his course teaches thee that thou rest from labor. The night in her silence cries in thee that a limit is set to thy works. The earth and the fruit of the trees cry that there is a season for all things. … Thus in the world sow seeds of righteousness, and in the Resurrection gather them up.” ~St Ephraim the Syrian

Freewill Paradox

What seems to be a paradox with freewill is that it exists only in those who obey the laws of God. Those who ignore such laws soon find themselves loosing what free will they think they have. Some end up in jail for exercising their freewill in violation of man’s law. Others appear o be free, yet are being secretly controlled by devils and demons. Those little voices in your head that tell you to do things you know are wrong may be coming from your own subconscious. On the other hand, they may be demons whispering their venom into your mind and letting you think it was all your idea.

Freewill isn’t truly a paradox, it’s just misunderstood. Most interpret it as meaning we can choose to do whatever we want and there are no rules, no forces, guiding us. In truth, we exercise free will only in deciding whether we want to follow the Law of God, and listen to his angels instruct us, or be controlled by the demons who push us down to our destruction.

Teach Others

Another part of the freewill equation is that when we are fortunate enough to learn the great truths, we must share that knowledge with other. But we can’t do it randomly or in a public forum. The ones we teach must be carefully chosen. They must be those who truly want to learn. We must also be reasonably sure that they will not misuse such knowledge for self-gain and material wealth. That is why such teaching is never done in public forums. Only limited introductions to the truth can be public. Continue reading “Freewill, Its Meaning and Application”

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Descent of Man and it’s Stages

“The virgin Divine Spirit came down in a circular wave across seven fields, across seven worlds, during the Saturn Period to the mental world and formed mans mental body. During the second period—the solar one—the Spirit came down to the astral world and formed the body of desires. During the third period—the Moon one—the Spirit came down to the ether sphere of the physical world and formed the ether casing of the body. During the fourth period—the Earth one—the Spirit came down to the lower sphere of the physical world and formed the physical body. During the first period, When the Divine Spirit worked and created man in the image of God, man was worriless. During the second period, he began to fall.” ~Beinsa Douno

Descent of Man

We all know of the descent of man. A once great spiritual being “sinned,” causing him to fall to lower levels of existence. Most people see this as happening almost instantly. Man went from being a purely spiritual being to a very material one overnight, they think. This is simply not true.

How accurate Mr. Douno’s description of the stages of descent is, I don’t know. But even if not totally accurate, they are reasonably close. They also serve well on the allegorical level.

Stage One

In this stage, man was a purely spiritual being that dwelt in Heaven and communicated with God regularly. While a creation of God, he also functioned as a co-creator with God. On this level, man had no physical body and therefore did not experience death or disease. He ate nothing but Divine Light.

Stages Two and Three

We see it a little different in Cosolargy. The next level below the spiritual is the psychic, not the mental. The mental level is just below the psychic. The two levels are so close that they are often thought of as one. The body of man that forms on this level is the psychic body. This is the first level not created in God’s image, but in the image (or imagination) of the fallen angels. This body can move through matter as if it doesn’t exist and it is the body used in astral travel. This psychic body is not immortal like the spiritual body. Continue reading “Descent of Man and it’s Stages”