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“The impressions received in moments of illumination are everlasting. They fill the spirit with a glorified splendor. …
“When the body of your brother lay enwrapped within the Womb of Rebirth, his spirit was carried out on the wings of a serif and became lost in a sphere beyond understanding. … Then, like a rolling of distant thunder, there as a swelling sound, and there came an overdazzling light. It grew steadily more brilliant until your brother saw a beautiful form of divine glory arrayed in a splendor beyond all earthly bounds. The cumbersome words of Earth cannot do justice to what your brother wishes to describe. … Words are wholly inadequate symbols.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:28-29)

Everlasting Illumination

Having witnessed a rare event is not something we easily forget. Since true illumination is very rare these days, it is definitely something we don’t forget when it happens. But even beyond that, we are changed by it. That change makes it impossible to forget. It is now a part of us and we a part of it. And since it is our destiny to become illuminated and fully spiritual again, it makes sense that once it happens, it is everlasting.

Womb of Rebirth

Don’t confuse this with the idea of reincarnation. This is a spiritual rebirth that brings everlasting illumination, not a physical one. We get one lifetime in a physical body, so make good use of it. This rebirth happens when we awaken our spirit and soul with the light of the spiritual sun.

I don’t understand what the author of the quote meant when he said “carried on the wings of a serif”. The only definition I can find for “serif” is that it is a little line on letters in certain fonts. But what he is saying in the complete sentence is more understandable. The initiate is raised spiritually into a realm of spirit. He reaches a realm of blinding white light which is pure spirit.

Divine Glory

While the quote says the initiate sees a “beautiful form of divine glory,” it is more accurate to say he experiences the divine glory. It isn’t seeing as much as it is becoming part of that Divine Glory and knowing what God and the Angels know. Naturally, such an experience produces everlasting illumination.

Inadequate Words

I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. One reason why a person who has been truly illuminated cannot describe it to another is that it is something that must be experienced. Another reason is simply that human languages are incapable of describing it. It can only be approximated, or described in allegorical terms. Because of this, many get the wrong idea of what to expect if they have listed to a written or spoken description of the experience. Such descriptions are useful, but we must understand that they are partial and inaccurate because of the limitations of words. So the only way to really know what everlasting illumination is like is to achieve it.


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