Devil's Night, Monad and duad War Internal

“As in a gloomy black night a fierce wind blows, and stirs and searches and shakes all the plants and seeds, so when man falls under the power of the darkness of the devil’s night, and is in night and darkness, he is agitated by that dreadful wind of sin that blows, and is shaken and stirred, and searched through all his nature, his soul, his thoughts, his understanding; and all the limbs of his body are shaken, and no member of either soul or body escapes free and immune from the sin that dwelleth in us.

“In like manner there is a day of light and a divine wind of the Holy Ghost, which blows and refreshes the souls that are in the day of the light of God. It penetrates all the substance of the soul and its thoughts, and all the being and all the members of the body, refreshing and resting them with a divine, unspeakable rest. This is what the apostle declared when he said, We are not children of the night or of darkness, for ye are all the sons of light and the sons of day.

“And as yonder, in the state of error, the old man put on man as a complete whole, and wears the garment of the kingdom of darkness, the garment of blasphemy, unbelief, unconcern, vainglory, pride, avarice, lust, and all the other trappings of the kingdom of darkness …ragged, unclean, and abominable; … The Lord has clothed them with the clothing of the kingdom of ineffable light, the clothing of faith, hope, charity, of joy, peace, goodness, kindness, and all the other divine and living clothing of the light of life.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Devil’s Night

We may not like to admit it, but we are all a part of the Devil’s Night. The realm of matter being the creation of the fallen angels, everything in it is, to some degree, under their control. Our brain-mind is attuned to this dimension and will be more likely to hear the dark ones speak to us than the angels.

Some of the things that make this the Devil’s Realm and the Devil’s Night include death, disease, greed, hatred, and jealousy. The need to kill and eat other life forms to survive is the mark of the Devil’s Night. Those of God live only on spiritual light (but don’t try to do that while you are trapped in a physical body).

Disease is another one. Many question why God would create such things. The answer is that he didn’t. The things that cause disease are entirely the creations of the Devil’s Night. And mental conditions like worry and shame that weaken our immune system and let the disease agents in re also Satan’s work. The good news is that there is another side to the coin.

Day of Light

The Light of God is penetrating into that Devil’s Night and causing the Darkness to fade. It directly affects the spirit and soul and indirectly affects the body and mind. The low frequency things on the material plane are beginning to see an increase in their vibrations. This increasing frequency move them closer and closer to spiritual realms. Eventually, our frequencies will be so high that we will no longer be physical beings at all. We will be pure Spirits of Light. As such, we will not die, we will not get ill, and we will not kill and eat other beings.

Old Man of Darkness

St. Macarius is not putting down the elderly by referring to those enthralled by the Devil’s Night as “the old man”. He means old ways, not elderly. The old ways of materialism, greed, and competition. The old way of believing that matter is all that exists and spirit is either fantasy or irrelevant.

But the time has begun when they (we) will be “clothed” in Light. A Light that brings joy, peace, truth, and other positive things. Most important of all, that Light gives our spirits and soul eternal life. So forget what foolish movies say. Get our of the Devil’s Night and go into Divine Light.


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