Descent, Descent into Matter, Tree of Knowledge

“The virgin Divine Spirit came down in a circular wave across seven fields, across seven worlds, during the Saturn Period to the mental world and formed mans mental body. During the second period—the solar one—the Spirit came down to the astral world and formed the body of desires. During the third period—the Moon one—the Spirit came down to the ether sphere of the physical world and formed the ether casing of the body. During the fourth period—the Earth one—the Spirit came down to the lower sphere of the physical world and formed the physical body. During the first period, When the Divine Spirit worked and created man in the image of God, man was worriless. During the second period, he began to fall.” ~Beinsa Douno

Descent of Man

We all know of the descent of man. A once great spiritual being “sinned,” causing him to fall to lower levels of existence. Most people see this as happening almost instantly. Man went from being a purely spiritual being to a very material one overnight, they think. This is simply not true.

How accurate Mr. Douno’s description of the stages of descent is, I don’t know. But even if not totally accurate, they are reasonably close. They also serve well on the allegorical level.

Stage One

In this stage, man was a purely spiritual being that dwelt in Heaven and communicated with God regularly. While a creation of God, he also functioned as a co-creator with God. On this level, man had no physical body and therefore did not experience death or disease. He ate nothing but Divine Light.

Stages Two and Three

We see it a little different in Cosolargy. The next level below the spiritual is the psychic, not the mental. The mental level is just below the psychic. The two levels are so close that they are often thought of as one. The body of man that forms on this level is the psychic body. This is the first level not created in God’s image, but in the image (or imagination) of the fallen angels. This body can move through matter as if it doesn’t exist and it is the body used in astral travel. This psychic body is not immortal like the spiritual body.

Stage Four

This is the stage where the physical body formed. This physical body is designed to function in a material world, but is useless in either the psychic or spiritual realms. It cannot communicate with God or other spiritual being in the spiritual worlds. It must rely on the soul to do that. Unfortunately, at this level the soul and spirit are in a dormant state and must be awakened before they can truly function.

Seven Fields, Seven Worlds

Mr. Douno says the descent of man was “across seven fields across seven worlds”. In the more scientific terminology of today, we would say that they descent passed through seven dimensions of reality. We started as pure spirits in the ninth dimension and descended all the way to the third. The third “world”, or dimension, s one of mostly matter, but spirit still exists. It is the dimension of decision. It is the lowest dimension in which we can make the choice to turn around and go back the other way.

Looking at the race of man in total, we have now descended to the point where we need only take one small step further down to be lost forever. Don’t be the lemming that keeps running when he reaches the cliff. Be the smart one that turns around and heads the other way.


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