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“How often have you seen your brother in a state of ecstasy, which he cannot describe? It is a state beginning in quiet bliss, flowing outward in bright radiance from an inner light, which can even illuminate the material darkness about him. He hears the music of the sacred spheres and sees the throbbing pulsations of life heaving about him, like waves upon the great sea. He becomes aware of an inflowing of unspoken knowledge from a surrounding power. It does not come from any one point, but appears to flow out of all things and to penetrate all things. … The spirit becomes lost in adoration and wonder in the beauty revealed in everything. The soul is aware of something glorious within all this and knows it from the spirit outflowing from its source.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:25)

Indescribable Ecstasy

This state of ecstasy or enlightenment has been described by many, but not accurately. First, the person experiencing this state will color it to some degree with his own experiences and beliefs. That is why spiritual teachers tell us we must rid ourselves of all preconceptions in order to achieve true and complete enlightenment. Second, no worldly language is capable of describing this state accurately. Our languages do a good job of describing the world of matter, but they do not have words to properly describe the spiritual.

Flowing Outward in Bright Radiance

There are two important concepts expressed in that brief phrase. First is the “flowing outward” part. Many schools will have you believe that it is all about turning within ourselves to find enlightenment. While that is certainly part of the process, the more important part is that opening up to the greater universe in all its dimensions and flowing outward (or expanding) into it. We learn the reality of it by becoming one with it.

Illuminate the Darkness

The light of one who has become “enlightened” may not literally cause a darkened room to light up, yet is does bring light to the darkness. It isn’t visible light, but it works in the same way. It’s really a matter of frequencies. The Light person is operating at a higher frequency than the dark people. When around them, the light of the enlightened one may increase the frequency of the others, at least temporarily.

It is also possible for the opposite to happen. When the person of light is around dark people too often, or in great numbers, their lower frequencies can reduce his. That is why students in reputable spiritual schools are often warned to stay away from such people as much as they can. When they do have to be around dark ones, they need to take precautions to avoid being affected. This is why you won’t find truly enlightened spiritual leaders giving talks or services in prisons. Instead, they will send light and well wished to those people from a distance.

Sacred Music

The Kolbrin Bible says this awakened individual will hear the music of the sacred spheres. Why spheres?

The structure of the complete universe with its many dimensions is often visualized in spiritual schools as being much like an onion. onion dimensionsEach dimension is a sphere and the next lower dimension is a sphere within it. Whether or not the dimensions are truly spherical doesn’t matter. It is the image of the dimensions within each other that is important. This tells us that everything is part of the whole. What isn’t clear from that image is that moving between the dimensions is more like climbing stairs. It is much easier to move down than up. Up takes work but you can fall down.

So when a spiritual person talks about music of the spheres, or Sacred Music, we can assume he does not mean the noise of the lowest dimensions. It is a reference to the sound that come from the higher dimensions, the spiritual dimensions.

Whether sacred music is something that really exists in the spiritual spheres, or is just our brains interpretation of frequencies it is unfamiliar with, is unclear. We do know that people engaging in spiritual practices report hearing such sounds with no source of music present. We also know that the playing of music during or before spiritual practices can make it easier for the student to link with those higher spheres and experience the real sacred music.

Waves on the Great Sea

Like the sacred music, this is another phrase that tells us the writer is talking about frequency. Frequency is just a measurement of waves of some type of energy. In fact, for many types of energy, the only thing that separates one from another is the frequency. So for the ancients who wrote this to understand that this sacred music of the spheres and spiritual light is moving like waves on the sea should cause the people of science to sit up and take notice.

Inflowing Knowledge

Along with the spiritual light and sacred music comes something even greater: knowledge. This isn’t ordinary knowledge found in books. It isn’t opinion that can be endlessly debated. This is true knowledge from the ultimate source. This knowledge, called Gnosis, is carried on that spiritual light and sacred music. Just as physicists now recognize that the holographic universe is made of beams of light that carry information, so too the spiritual. The spiritual dimensions made of spiritual light carry knowledge or information also. This is the knowledge that come from God and is always complete and true. Unfortunately, it takes time to develop ourselves so our frequencies are high enough to receive and understand that knowledge. Yet, we should all try.


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