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Eternal Life and the Throne of God

“If therefore, thou art become the throne of God and the Heavenly Charioteer hath seated himself within thee, and thy soul is wholly become a spiritual eye and is wholly made into light; if, too, thou art nourished with he heavenly food of that Spirit and hast drunk of the Living Water and put on the secret vesture of light—if thine inward man has experienced all these things and is established in abundant faith, Lo! Thou invest indeed the Eternal Life and thy soul rests even in his present time with the Lord.” ~St. Macarius of Egypt

Throne of God

Throne of God

Throne of God

Generally when one speaks of the throne of God, they think of an actual throne sitting in heaven. Many take this literally. But an actual throne cannot exist in Heaven which is a place of pure spirit. And If one did, God would have no use for it since He is pure spirit.

The throne of God is symbolic, not literal. It could also be called the Center of God or the Center of Heaven. But since spirit is not like matter, it doesn’t have a “center” in terms of a location. The center of a spirit is everywhere. Therefore, God’s center, God’s throne, is everywhere. Or at least everywhere that is part of the spiritual universe.

St. Macarius says this throne of God should be “within thee” if you are a spiritual student. A real spiritual student who is working toward enlightenment and not just some who has declared himself spiritual while doing nothing to make it happen.

Heavenly Charioteer

When I saw this line, I thought of the images of the Greek god Apollo pulling his chariot of the sun. It may be a reference to the spiritual sun. Or it may be a reference to Christ, the


Apollo’s Chariot

bearer of God’s Light. It doesn’t matter which was meant, the idea remains the same. We need to have our spirits and souls awakened by God’s Light. We need to awaken our spiritual faculties and achieve Christ Consciousness. That Light is needed for Eternal Life. Continue reading “Eternal Life and the Throne of God”

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Strength of Character, Warmth, and Living in Light

“Money is not the most important thing in life. It is just a tool. The most important thing in life is to have light. The second most important thing is warmth, and the third most important is strength.
“Everything in the world that happens without love is a crime. Everything in the world that happens with love is a divine blessing. … Where Love, Wisdom, and Truth take part, it is God’s blessing. …
“It is easier to correct the bad in you than in others. … The strong man is the one who knows how rectify the invisible mistakes he makes Everyone who rectifies receives reward. When they get rectified, he won’t be judged for them.” ~Biensa Douno

Money, Money, Money

Much of our modern society is based on money. Our social structure, in most cases, is not based on what family you were born into but how much money you have. Even reporters talk of “Middle Class,” “Upper Class,” and so on as if we had a cast system based on degrees of wealth.

But this materialistic structure is not based on any reality, but on fantasy. This is especially true today when the money we use all the time has no backing. It is not stated to be worth a particular amount of gold or silver. It simply has a value printed on and we accept it. We are told it has this value by the central bank of our country and we accept that. But the central bank is not a government agency as many believe, but a private corporation. And virtually all of the central banks in the world are controlled by one super wealthy family.

But that is not really what Douno is talking about. Even if we were still using real gold and silver for money, those metals are not truly things of great value.

Living in Light

Mr. Douno says the most important thing is to “have light.” He doesn’t mean a flashlight you bought at the hardware store. He doesn’t even mean the light of the physical sun. What he means is spiritual light. The light that comes to us through the spiritual sun. As least it does if we take the time to look for it.

This Light is the most important because it awakens and nourishes our spiritual faculties. It raises our frequencies and gives us the energy needed for spiritual growth. That is even more true now that the Sun of Righteousness is shining down upon us. Continue reading “Strength of Character, Warmth, and Living in Light”

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Supreme Good and Why We Seek It

“All mortal creatures … strive to reach one goal—the goal of happiness. Now the Good is that which, when a man hath got, he can lack nothing further. That it is which is the supreme good of all. … To this state, as we have said, all men try to attain, but by different paths. For the desire of the true good is naturally implanted in the minds of men; only error leads them aside … in pursuit of the false. Some, deeming it the highest good to want for nothing, spare no pain to attain affluence. Others, judging the good to be that to which respect is most worthily paid, strive to win the reverence of their fellow-citizens by the attainment of official dignity. Some there are who fix the chief good in supreme power; these either wish themselves to enjoy sovereignty, or try to attach themselves o those who have it. … Although opinions are so various and discordant, yet they agree in cherishing good as the end.” ~Boethius


While we live in an age where some people seem to never strive for anything, most still do strive. And nearly all strive for what they consider to be “The Good,” as Boethius states. Hat is as it should be.

We all need to strive for several reasons. One reason is that striving gives us something productive to do. Another is that growth comes from striving. Progress comes from striving. Those who refuse to strive, but just float through life like a piece of driftwood accomplish nothing. Even on the spiritual level, you must strive for spiritual growth. If you just sit back and wait for it to happen, it won’t.

Seeking Good

We all seek what we consider to be good. And when we get it, we seek something even better. The intent is to reach that supreme good, even if we don’t realize it. The problem comes in knowing what is truly good and what isn’t.

In our overly materialistic society, it is only natural that many seek good in material things. Some seek it in wealth and possessions. We have seen a huge growth in this type in recent years. Partly it is because such behavior is not only tolerated, but applauded. Fools can’t see that while nature provides enough for everyone, when a few are greedy, others must do without.

Others seek it in power such as being a politician or a business leader. That wouldn’t be so bad if they were doing it for the betterment of all, but they rarely are. Most are concerned only with themselves and the glory they get from being in a high position.

Yet others seek good in fame. They may be singers, actors, or even athletes. Those who have real talent and use it out of joy are to be applauded. But then there are the Kardashian types who have no real talent, yet have convinced many that they are celebrities worthy of worship and great wealth. This seeking of fame for the sake of fame is where things go wrong. Yet many young people are firm believers in the idea that fame is important and worthy seeking in any way possible. Fame is something one should get by earning it, not by seeking it. Continue reading “Supreme Good and Why We Seek It”

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Renovate Yourself With Spiritual Light

“One day people will be traveling without ships, trains or planes. They will have a new type of body, shaped and structured differently. They will have a new kind of Light and Knowledge. … Then they will not toil the land as they do now, but sustain themselves in a way unknown to today’s scientists.

“To renovate yourselves, you have to get up early every morning to be able to receive the first rays of the Sun. They carry within them light and elevated thoughts. You may say that the rays of light are nothing more than vibrations oscillations of ether. It is true that light is oscillations, vibrations, but these are life-bearing vibrations.” ~Biensa Douno

Future Travel

Douno says that we will one day travel without the need for trains, planes, or ships. That day is probably a long way off. But even today it is possible with the right training and attitude to engage in spiritual travel. In this way, one can travel a great distance instantly, see what is there, and return just as quickly.

New Body

The new type of body will be far more spiritual, far less dense. This will probably not happen quickly, but over a long period of time. Our decent from our original bodies that were more spirit than matter into ones that are nearly all dense matter took many centuries. It is therefore unlikely that we can return to those original bodies in a few years. Still, any step in that direction is progress and beneficial to us. We should all be doing what we can to make that return.

New Light and Knowledge

The new Light is spiritual Light. It isn’t really new. It has simply been ignored by material science, just as everything else spiritual has been ignored.

At least science is now agreeing that light carries knowledge. It is logical, then, to assume that spiritual light carries spiritual knowledge. That knowledge that is always true and complete. It is not open for debate. It is the knowledge that comes directly from God and it is that Light-Knowledge that is the spiritual universe. Continue reading “Renovate Yourself With Spiritual Light”