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“If it be an intellectual truth, or a ghostly image, through which God reveals Himself in His unfathomableness, this is received in the understanding; and the man can clothe it in words insofar as it can be expressed in words. Sometimes a man may also be drawn above himself and above the spirit (but not altogether outside himself) into an incomprehensible Good, which he shall never be able either to utter or to explain in the way in which he heard and saw; for in this simple act, and this simple vision, to hear and to see are one. And none can work this in man, without intermediary and without the cooperation of any creature, save God alone.

“It is called Raptus; which means rapt away, or uplifted, or carried away. At times, God grants to such men a sudden spiritual glimpse like the lightning in the sky. It comes like a sudden glimpse of strange brightness, shining forth from the Simple Nudity. And therefore for an instant the spirit is raised above itself.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

God Reveals Himself

God may reveal Himself to worthy individuals in many ways. One way, which John calls an intellectual truth, is by a sudden revelation of a truth. It need not be a spiritual truth, just a sudden revelation. It may come as a sudden burst of insight into a problem one has been working on. It may also come through images suddenly seen in a dream or vision. That is what John means by a ghostly image. Ghostly because it is in your mind only and has no physical existence.

Clothed in Words

It is our nature, or at least how we have been taught since we were infants, to express everything in words. People will, therefore, try to express to others what has appeared to them in these visions or dreams using words. In most cases, the words are not adequate to tell the tale completely because language was developed to express what is happening in the physical world, not the spiritual. The incomprehensible good cannot accurately be put into words. We can only help others to experience it and learn for themselves.

Drawn Above

Don’t take this “Drawn Above” expression literally. It is not like Sigourney Weaver floating above the bed in “Ghost Busters”. Above, in this case,

Sigourney Weaver Rising

means a higher level of being, or a higher frequency of reality. In other words, drawn up from the third dimension of matter to the fifth dimension of spirit and spiritual beings such as Angels.

Incomprehensible Good

Intellectuals will argue that nothing can be incomprehensible, but they are wrong. Just as Portuguese would be incomprehensible to a person who only spoke English, the realms of spirit are incomprehensible to those who only know matter. Even to those to accept the existence of spirit, if they try to understand it with their brain-mind, thy will fail. The Incomprehensible Good is understandable only to the spirit and soul.

With a Little Help

Ruysbroeck says we can’t achieve this knowledge of incomprehensible good without the help of God, and he is correct. Yet God is not the only one willing to help us achieve this. Here on the material level, there are spiritual teachers, masters, and adepts that can help us. From the higher levels, we get help from Angels, Light Beings, and our deceased brothers and sisters who have continued their spiritual growth on the other side. Without such help, we are not likely to succeed, so take the help when you can get it. And when you truly achieve oneness with God and the All, the incomprehensible good will become understandable at last.


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