Ezekiel's Chariot

“The blessed prophet Ezekiel relates a glorious and inspiring vision or apparition which he saw, and his description is that of a vision full of mystery unspeakable. He saw in the plain a chariot of Cherubim, four spiritual living creatures. Each living creature had four faces, one the face of a lion, another the face of an eagle, another the face of a calf, and the fourth the face of a human being. …Their backs were full of eyes; their bellies likewise were thick-set with eyes; there was no part about them that was not full of eyes. …

“The mystery which he beheld was that of the soul, that was to receive her Lord, and to become a throne of glory for Him. For the soul that is privileged to be in communion with the Spirit of His Light and is irradiated by the beauty of the unspeakable glory of Him who has prepared her to be a seat and a dwelling for Himself, becomes all light, all face, all eye, and there is no part of her that is not full of the spiritual eyes of light.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Ezekiel’s Chariot

The story Ezekiel tells in the Bible of his vision or encounter with the strange chariot and its four-faced occupants has been one of great speculation by both scholars and theologians. If you try to make sense of it as something literal, you will certainly be confused. You will probably come to the same conclusion as Erich Von Daniken and his followers that it was simply an encounter with an alien spaceship full of strange-looking aliens that Ezekiel tried to understand in earthly terms. The fact that Von Daniken has no actual proof that aliens have ever visited Earth never seems to bother his followers.

St. Macarius correctly interprets the vision of Ezekiel’s Chariot as an allegorical one. A tale of the path of the soul in metaphorical images. Let’s look more closely at some of the allegory.

Four Cherubim

Ezekiel’s Chariot contained four living beings. These being did not look like anything Ezekiel had ever seen before. Four beings with four faces each.

We probably all know of the energy centers of the physical body most often called “chakras”. Most schools say there are seven of these, but a few, such as Cosolargy, say there are eight primary ones. These energy centers link our physical self to our spiritual self with corresponding centers on the spiritual level. The primary spiritual centers number four. The same number that seems so important in the vision of Ezekiel’s Chariot and it’s occupants.

The faces Ezekiel says on these beings resembles a lion, eagle, calf, and human. The four spiritual energy centers are form, being, intellect and consciousness. I would match them as follows:

  • Lion – Form
  • Eagle – Intellect
  • Calf – Being
  • Human – Consciousness

The first three are guesses, and the actual match may be different. The human face, however, is definitely a representation of the center of consciousness. On Earth, only man can achieve true consciousness.

Eyes Everywhere

The beings in Ezekiel’s Chariot are covered with eyes. At least that is how Ezekiel interpreted them. The allegory here is clear. Each or our senses interpret a different kind of energy. The eyes are the receptors, and to some degree interpreters, of light. So the Cherubim had eyes everywhere to gather in as much light as possible.

So these beings were all about light. Light was important to them. Light powered them. They sought light everywhere and banished darkness. In short, the allegory says these were beings of light. Not ordinary light, however, but spiritual Light. The Light that comes to us through the Spiritual Sun.

The Human Soul

While there are other possible interpretations, the one of St. Macarius makes sense. As a metaphor for the soul Ezekiel’s Chariot contained four beings. And we have four spiritual centers, as well as eight physical ones that link to them, that must be developed to awaken the soul. The soul is not just an idle thing. One awakened, it has work to do. It gets energy to do that work from Light. The four Cherubim in Ezekiel’s Chariot also had many wings. This is symbolic of the soul’s ability to move anywhere very rapidly. Actually, it doesn’t need to move at all since a spirit is everywhere. But it shifts its center of attention which can be done instantly making it seem to have traveled.

So now the tale of Ezekiel’s Chariot makes sense. And without a single alien getting involved.


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