Eternal Life, Sun with Hands

“If therefore, thou art become the throne of God and the Heavenly Charioteer hath seated himself within thee, and thy soul is wholly become a spiritual eye and is wholly made into light; if, too, thou art nourished with he heavenly food of that Spirit and hast drunk of the Living Water and put on the secret vesture of light—if thine inward man has experienced all these things and is established in abundant faith, Lo! Thou invest indeed the Eternal Life and thy soul rests even in his present time with the Lord.” ~St. Macarius of Egypt

Throne of God

Throne of God

Throne of God

Generally when one speaks of the throne of God, they think of an actual throne sitting in heaven. Many take this literally. But an actual throne cannot exist in Heaven which is a place of pure spirit. And If one did, God would have no use for it since He is pure spirit.

The throne of God is symbolic, not literal. It could also be called the Center of God or the Center of Heaven. But since spirit is not like matter, it doesn’t have a “center” in terms of a location. The center of a spirit is everywhere. Therefore, God’s center, God’s throne, is everywhere. Or at least everywhere that is part of the spiritual universe.

St. Macarius says this throne of God should be “within thee” if you are a spiritual student. A real spiritual student who is working toward enlightenment and not just some who has declared himself spiritual while doing nothing to make it happen.

Heavenly Charioteer

When I saw this line, I thought of the images of the Greek god Apollo pulling his chariot of the sun. It may be a reference to the spiritual sun. Or it may be a reference to Christ, the


Apollo’s Chariot

bearer of God’s Light. It doesn’t matter which was meant, the idea remains the same. We need to have our spirits and souls awakened by God’s Light. We need to awaken our spiritual faculties and achieve Christ Consciousness. That Light is needed for Eternal Life.

Invest In Eternal Life

I know that “Invest in Eternal Life” is not the exact phrase St. Macarius used, yet I think it is an appropriate way to put it. In today’s world, we are being told regularly that we need to invest. We need to have a 401K, or some similar kind of financial investment for our retirement. We are told to invest in our future by getting a good education. The Real Estate people are always telling us what a wonderful investment a house is. But what about our spiritual side?

Nobody “invests” much in caring for their baby teeth. That is because they know those teeth will be lost anyway. So only basic care is necessary. Getting a crown or a root canal in one of them would just be stupid. Yet we do invest in the temporary all the time while largely ignoring the permanent.

Eternal life is something worth investing in. Fools say they are not sure that an eternal life in spirit is real. Therefore they don’t do anything to make it happen saying that if it is real, they can wait until they are physically dead to worry about it. That is like waiting until you are caught in a flood to start learning how to swim.

We need to “Invest” in eternal life now by awakening and developing out spiritual faculties. We do that with the Light of the Spiritual Sun. That Throne of God, Chariot of Heaven St. Macarius mentions.


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