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“The key to awakening to the true nature of reality is to realize that perception, when taken at face value, is in fact a prison. As Goethe, one of the great thinkers in history so astutely pointed out, ‘The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.’
“And yet such is the status of the majority of humanity. We are slaves to our perceptions while thinking they are making us free to see reality as it is. Only when we see the undeniable fact that perception merely shows us what it is programmed to see can we make the leap to look beyond the limitations of the five senses toward ultimate reality.
“And what is ultimate reality? … Nicola Tesla gave us a clue when he said, ‘If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’” ~Ziad Masri

Perception Deception

The five senses of the physical body are really astounding. They make it possible for us to function in the world of matter. And when one of those senses stops working, or we are born without one of them, an interesting thing happens. Science has found that information gathered from each of the senses is stored in a specific are of the brain. If one sense is missing, that part of the brain is not wasted. Instead, one of the other senses will take it over. This gives that sense more abilities and makes it seem that the particular sense has become more sensitive, but it really hasn’t. It can simply store more data about the things is senses.

But the deception part comes when the greatest sense organ of all starts interpreting that data. The actual perception of reality that we deal with daily comes from the brain. The brain interprets signals from the senses and forms images from them. It does that based partly on what the senses report, but also on other things. It uses past experience, teachings, and beliefs to interpret what the senses report. Because of that, our perception is unreliable.

Higher Senses

We often hear of a higher sense called the Sixth Sense. I think that is probably an oversimplification. If the physical body needs five senses to help it understand the physical world, the spirit probably needs several to understand the worlds of spirit. In fact, since the spiritual words are more complex than the physical, there are probably more than five spiritual senses. For now, it is reasonable to assume that each physical sense has a spiritual counterpart. They may not operate the same way, but in terms of results, they are similar. The most important difference is that the spiritual senses are not easily fooled.

Slaves of Perception

It may be an exaggeration to say that we are slaves to our emotions, but only a slight one. We act according to the information our senses deliver and our brain-mind interprets. If we firmly believe that angels don’t exist, one could be standing right in front of us and slap us in the face and we would insist it was the wind that knocked us over. We really cannot see, hear, or feel that which we do not believe ism possible.

Recently we had an incident in the United States where hundreds of Nazis and White Supremacists marched in Virginia. Many carried guns, often military style semi-automatic rifles. They were probably loaded. A lot of the participants were new to this. They had been indoctrinated online and led to believe unproven nonsense. After the event, some participants were identified in news photos, and otherwise. When they returned to their homes, they sometimes found themselves being ostracized by others. A few lost their jobs. One young man cried when it happened to him. He hadn’t expected the negative reaction. The websites he had listened to never told him that would happen. He, like many other, were slaves to the perception deception of these groups. But the Nazis are not the only ones engaging is such activities. Many of us listen to at least one category of these deceptive messages. We all need to learn to be open-minded and seriously look at all sides of an issue.

Weather Perception Deception

I recently started reading a book titled What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scot Carney. In the book, Carney tells us that essentially we have become weather wimps. When it gets hot, we go into an air-conditioned building, or at least try to find a cool place. When it gets cold, it is even worse. At the slightest cooling, we have all been taught to grab more clothing and cover up to stay warm. The clothing industry loves it! But by becoming such weather wimps, we are loosing, or have already lost, the ability to function an all kinds of weather. Our ancient ancestors managed without down-filled jackets and scarfs from this years hot designer. We can too if we try. The tendency of most of us is to write this guy off as a wacko. But he provides scientific evidence to back up what he says. And he is one of a small but growing number of people who are no longer slaves of the clothing industry.

Overcoming Perception Deception

We can over come perception deception and slavery if we try. We can do this in many ways. Read books that express opinions we don’t share. Listen to both sides of a political argument. In the case of Scott Carney’s weather slavery, I have even started to follow his example by going outside in cold weather dressed in very little. I do it early in the morning when I probably won’t be seen, but that doesn’t matter. At first, it was for two or three minutes, then five, then ten. I now sit out on my deck for twenty minutes several times a week in temperatures as low as 33 (so far). And as I said, I’m wearing very little. It sounds insane, doesn’t it? But you will be surprised how much better you feel after doing it for a few weeks. And mentally, it helps you overcome other beliefs keeping you in slavery.


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