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“Esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives and is conscious, but not that all life and consciousness are similar to those of human or even animal beings. Life we look upon as ‘the one form of existence,’ manifesting in what we call matter; or, as in man, what incorrectly is separating them, we call Spirit, Soul and Matter. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle of a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit. … The idea of universal life is one of those ancient conception which are returning to the human mind. … The idea of ‘crystalline life,’ now familiar to science, would have been scouted half a century ago. … It hardly seems possible that science can disguise … the fact that things that have life are living things, whether they be atoms or planets.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Universal Life

The idea of universal life has two levels to it. In one sense, it means that the life force is a universal one, there fore life in some form exists everywhere in the universe. The other one is that all things on Earth are alive, including the planet itself. This is the part that Blavatsky is emphasizing, but both parts of it deserve attention.

A Living Universe

It would be arrogant of us to think that the mysterious life force exists only on planet Earth, and therefore nothing is living outside of this little planet. It is also arrogant arrogant to assume that life in other places must be very similar to Earth life, and if we don’t find life forms similar to us, then we label that planet, moon, or star as dead. All planets, all moons, and all stars are constantly bombarded by that energy called “Life Force,” and it is working just fine on all of them. There is life everywhere. Obviously, life on a planet where the average temperature is way below freezing will not have life similar to us. Likewise, moons with no atmosphere can’t have breathing life forms. And stars can’t have living things with bodies or normal matter as they would burn up. Yet all those places have life. One type of universal life.

A Living Planet

We can say with certainty that life does exist on other planets and stars because of one simple fact often overlooked: everything is alive.

For centuries, science laughed at such an idea, and many in the scientific community still do. Some, however, are coming around. First, science really doesn’t know what life is. They admit that openly. If you showed me four slices of toast, each with something different on top of it, and asked me which one has jam on it, I would not be able to answer correctly if I didn’t know what jam was. If someone then showed me a jar of strawberry jam and said, “this is jam,” I would then think I knew the answer. Proudly, I would point to the piece of toast with strawberry jam. But I would be only partially correct because all four slices have jam on them, just different flavors. This is the problem we have with science and life. They think they know it when they see it even though they don’t know exactly what “it” is.

So scientists know that humans, animals, and plants are living. Most don’t except that rivers, mountains, and rocks are also living. Yet those things are made up of the very same atoms at those which are considered living. If you say a brick wall is made of clay, then isn’t it also true that the individual bricks are made of clay? The same is true here. If a cow is alive, so is a cow’s ear, and the cells in that ear, and the atoms in the cells. Every atom in the cow is living. If that were not so, then the cow made of those atoms could not be living. And if many of those atoms can also be found in rocks, rivers, and stars, they must also be living. So while life exists in man forms, and at many levels of consciousness, universal life is reality.


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