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“Both God and man have a twofold constitution, of which the superior part is invisible and the inferior visible. In both there is also an intermediary sphere, marking the point where these visible and invisible natures meet. As the spiritual nature of God controls His objective universal form—which is actually a crystallized idea—so the spiritual nature of man is the invisible cause and controlling power of his visible material personality. … The Mysteries taught that spirit, or life, was anterior to form. … Spirit being anterior to form , form is therefore included within the realm of spirit. It is also a popular statement or belief that man’s spirit is within his body. According to the conclusion of philosophy and theology, however, that belief is erroneous, for spirit first circumscribes an area and then manifests within it.” ~Manly P Hall

Twofold Constitution

The twofold constitution of man is obvious. We have a physical body with a brain-mind intelligence, and a spirit body with a soul-consciousness. Some would say that is four different things rather than two, but lets stick with Hall’s concept for now.

One part of us is specifically designed to function in the worlds of matter. That part is our physical body, along with the brain mind. The mind is included in this because it is essentially incapable of knowing anything beyond the physical realm. It can speculate about them, but it cannot know to any great degree.

Out spirit, or spirit body, is designed to function in the spiritual realms. It really doesn’t so well in the worlds of matter,which is probably why we are born into the physical realm with our spirit and soul dormant. They must be awakened before they can truly function. But once awakened, they want to get out of the physical realm which is painful for them.

God, on the other hand, has no physical body or mind. He is always spirit, pure spirit. His twofold constitution is therefore different. Mr. Hall says that this twofold constitution in God consists of His spirit and the Universe which He created. But God didn’t create the physical universe. The Demiurge did. So it is more accurate to say that the second half of God’s twofold constitution is His creations, which constitute His Form. That Form is not material, yet is is in some unknown way different from the pure spirit of God.

Crystallized Ideas

The belief that God’s thoughts become reality is not new, though I haven’t heard the term “crystallized ideas” used to describe this before. The important thing for us to realize is that our thought work much the same way, on a lower level and in a more limited way. Just as God’s thoughts create everything in the spiritual realm, our thoughts mold the physical. But there is a catch to it.

Since God stands alone at the highest level of reality, and has powers far greater than ours, His thoughts immediately manifest whatever he wants. We, on the other hand, do not stand unrivaled. For starters, we our constantly changing our minds about nearly everything. The materialistic sort is thinking one minute that he wishes he had a new car, and the next that he had a new house. The spiritual people are often not much better. One minute we want world peace, the next a cure for cancer. Because we don’t hold any one idea for long, it is unlikely to ever become reality. On top of that, we have to deal with conflicting thoughts from others. We want a world of sharing, while others worship at the alter of greed. Some want truth and wisdom, while others prefer comforting lies. Some dream of world peace while others plan the next war. Such inconsistencies tend to cancel each other out and nothing changes.

It has been said, however, that in these End Times twelve great spiritual masters will come into the world. The thoughts of this masters, joined with God’s thoughts, will be enough to override the materialists and other who oppose spiritual growth. Then great change can happen. Even now, some change is happening, though few are aware of it. This change is being triggered by the Light of the spiritual sun flowing to us to change us and the very planet we live on. This is the special spiritual sun called the Sun of Righteousness.


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