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“The Sun energies are positive and have a beneficial impact on people; earthly energies are negative and impact people adversely. The former energies help the advancement of the person, and the latter – the fall. Connect with the energies coming from above, not with the lower energies of the Earth. Thise forces which oppose human progress, aim to cut off the communication between the higher energies of the Sun and the people, in order to place people exclusively under the influence of the lower earthly energies. As long as the Sun energies prevail over the earthly currents in people, they have the ability to free themselves from the illusions of the world, from the distorted situations in their lives. … The Sun will bring the pure, holy life to the Earth.” ~Biensa Douno

Positive and Negative Energy

There are energies which are positive, and others which are negative. It is an oversimplification, however to simply say that the energies that come from the sun are positive, while those that are from the earth are negative. What’s more, what energies we receive are as much a matter of what we attune ourselves to as it is a matter of what energies are available in a particular place.

Earth Energies

While earth energies may be mostly negative, at least from a spiritual point of view, there is positive energy to be found here. The famous oriental

polarity and balance

Worlds of polarity

Yin-Yang symbol shows that the positive is never purely positive. Likewise, the negative side always has a little positive in it.

From a different point of view, that of a being with a physical body, some earth energies can be positive. In fact, some researchers have found that if we simply start walking around outside barefoot for perhaps thirty minutes a day, we would take in earth energies that can heal many negative physical conditions. For more on that, I recommend reading “Earthing”.

But on the negative side, earth energies do tend to make us more matter bound and more materialistic.

Sun Energies

Just as earth energies are not all negative, sun energies are not all positive. Yet there is ample evidence throughout history that the energies of the sun are mostly positive on all levels.

On the physical level, sunlight helps our bodies function. Sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D for the human body. Recent studies indicate that vitamin is much more important for good health that previously thought. In recent decades, we have seen a turning away from the sun at the recommendation of dermatologists who have been foolishly convinced that weak, pale, ghost skin is healthy. The result has been many preventable illnesses. Finally, many people are waking up and ignoring such ridiculous recommendations. We are not vampires, we benefit from sunlight on a physical level.

On the mental level, we find even more benefits from sun energies. The one we hear most of these days is something called SAD. This is a condition that happens mostly in the winter months. People who stay indoors constantly to avoid the winter cold become depressed due to a lack of sunlight. The usual treatment recommended is to use artificial lights that give off the same beneficial frequencies as sunlight—in theory anyway. That does work, but getting a little real sunlight every day is a better solution. And it’s free!

Sun Energies and Spiritual Growth

Above and beyond the benefits of sun energies on the physical body and the mind, there are benefits to the spirit and soul. Even the physical sun can benefit spiritual growth by strengthening those parts of the physical body that link with the spirit. But most of the spiritual benefits come from going beyond the physical sun to taking in the sun energies of the spiritual sun. Any spiritual school worthy of the name can help you learn how to take in those energies. Even just looking toward the physical sun (never directly at it) can help you get some of the energy of the spiritual sun as well. But with proper training, you will, learn to attune yourself so you can take in even more of that spiritual energy that strengthens the spirit and soul and allows they to truly function.


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