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“It is well known that if a rich person has confidence and faith in his physician, he is more liable to be benefited by the latter than if he mistrusts him. … The presence of a spiritually-minded physician who possesses a strong soul, and who desires to help the patient, is a power which is often sufficiently strong to change the pathological activity of the soul-elements of the patient … and thus to restore the patient. Every physician ought therefore to be a magician in a certain sense. He ought not to doubt in the least that he will be successful. …

“In this power of the spirit over the element of matter by means of the soul rests the power of certain signs, images, formulas, incantations, words, etc. … By the will and imagination of the spirit the soul receives strength to act upon matter.” ~Franz Hartmann

Confidence and Trust

It is definitely true that if you have confidence in your doctor, you are more likely to get well under his care. And this isn’t limited to wealthy patients, nor to doctors. If we trust and have confidence in our teachers, we are more likely to learn from them. Even with a cook, we will get more enjoyment and nourishment from the meal if we have confidence in them.

Spiritual Physician

Mr. Hartman says that we get more help from a “spiritually-minded” physician. That is true on several levels. If we limit it to a physical physician who treats illness of the body, we can see that being spiritual helps. First, a spiritually-minded doctor will trust his intuition more than most. He will use it both as a diagnostic aid, and as an aid in choosing appropriate treatment. Such a doctor is lee likely to be taken in by the promotional material he gets from the big drug companies.

A psychiatrist is even more likely to benefit from being spiritual. This field is still relatively new, and there is still a lot the psychiatrists don’t know. Having a well-developed intuition would certainly be a great aid to them. In the area of research, a doctor with spiritual insights will do a better job deciding which leads to follow to find new treatments.

Finally, there is the spiritual physician. This is not recognized as an area of medicine today, but it probably will be one day. In the distant past, the Shaman, Priest, or spiritual leader of a tribe or group was usually the one people turned to when they were sick. In other cases, the medicine man of the tribe worked closely with the spiritual leader. Still, this was mostly in dealing with illness on the physical level. Real spiritual medicine is on a higher level.

The true spiritual physician can tell that a person illnesses or problems are rooted in his spirit. Either the spirit has not been developed at all, or it has more negative energy than positive. In such cases, there is little that can be done on the physical level. Such treatments may work, but only temporarily. If the person is ill on a spiritual level, that is the level where he must receive treatment. Only a trained spiritual doctor can do that.

Heal Thyself

Sometimes we are our own best physician. After all, we know ourselves better than anyone else. Plus, in most cases, we are with ourselves 24/7. What we don’t usually know is how to treat our illnesses. That is where that insight of the spiritually-minded physician helps. Even if we are not doctors, if we have awakened our spiritual faculties, we will have insights into our illness and how to treat them. Sometimes they will come to us just as insights or intuition. At other times, they come as lucid dreams. In dreams, symbology id often involved, so you have to learn dream symbolism to truly understand. But paying attention to such dreams and insights can help us greatly so each of us can be a spiritual physician to some extent.


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