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Energized Mystic and the Work They Do

“No temperament is less slothful than the mystical one; and the ‘quiet’ to which the mystics must school themselves in the early stages of contemplation is often the hardest of their tasks. The abandonment of bodily and intellectual activity is only undertaken in order that they may, in the words of Plotinus, ‘energize enthusiastically’ upon another plane. Work they must but this work may take many forms—forms which are sometimes so wholly spiritual that they are not perceptible to the practical minds. … All records of mysticism in the West, then, are also the records of supreme human activity. Not only of ‘wrestlers in the spirit’ but also of great organizers, such as St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross; of missionaries … such as St. Francis of Assisi…, poets and philosophers such as Mechtilde … and Blake. “ ~Evelyn Underhill

Energized Mystic

mystic contemplativeIf you search for images of mystics and mysticism, a large percentage of the ones you find will show some variation of a person sitting in meditation or prayer, as in the example shown here. Rarely do they depict a mystic engaging in any form of action. This seems to be a common misconception of the life of a mystic.

Mystics do not spend most of their time sitting and contemplating. Even when they are just sitting, they may be acting on a level of consciousness that seems to the uninitiated as if they are doing nothing. In actuality, the mystic, no matter what position his physical body may be in, is rarely just sitting quietly and relaxing.

She may be sitting still, but is holding images in her mind in an effort to benefit the world. Images of peace, truth, and enlightenment for all. Or she may be in deep “conversation” with an angelic or spiritual being on a higher plane. Only when practicing techniques to bring new spiritual clarity and knowledge into herself does she try to clear the mind and relax.

The energized mystic may be taking in light from the sun, filling it with thoughts of peace, love, joy, and harmony, and sending it back out to everything around him. That is active work, not just quiet contemplation. Or he may be holding an image in his mind, an image such as this cross. That alone helps bring change into the world. Continue reading “Energized Mystic and the Work They Do”

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Twofold Constitution of Man and God

“Both God and man have a twofold constitution, of which the superior part is invisible and the inferior visible. In both there is also an intermediary sphere, marking the point where these visible and invisible natures meet. As the spiritual nature of God controls His objective universal form—which is actually a crystallized idea—so the spiritual nature of man is the invisible cause and controlling power of his visible material personality. … The Mysteries taught that spirit, or life, was anterior to form. … Spirit being anterior to form , form is therefore included within the realm of spirit. It is also a popular statement or belief that man’s spirit is within his body. According to the conclusion of philosophy and theology, however, that belief is erroneous, for spirit first circumscribes an area and then manifests within it.” ~Manly P Hall

Twofold Constitution

The twofold constitution of man is obvious. We have a physical body with a brain-mind intelligence, and a spirit body with a soul-consciousness. Some would say that is four different things rather than two, but lets stick with Hall’s concept for now.

One part of us is specifically designed to function in the worlds of matter. That part is our physical body, along with the brain mind. The mind is included in this because it is essentially incapable of knowing anything beyond the physical realm. It can speculate about them, but it cannot know to any great degree.

Out spirit, or spirit body, is designed to function in the spiritual realms. It really doesn’t so well in the worlds of matter,which is probably why we are born into the physical realm with our spirit and soul dormant. They must be awakened before they can truly function. But once awakened, they want to get out of the physical realm which is painful for them.

God, on the other hand, has no physical body or mind. He is always spirit, pure spirit. His twofold constitution is therefore different. Mr. Hall says that this twofold constitution in God consists of His spirit and the Universe which He created. But God didn’t create the physical universe. The Demiurge did. So it is more accurate to say that the second half of God’s twofold constitution is His creations, which constitute His Form. That Form is not material, yet is is in some unknown way different from the pure spirit of God. Continue reading “Twofold Constitution of Man and God”

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Different Vision of the Spiritual Adept

“The feelings of an esoterically developed person toward the things of the spiritual world are very different from the feelings of the undeveloped person toward the things of the physical world. The latter feels himself to be in a particular place in the world of sense, and the surrounding objects to be external to him. The spiritually developed person feels himself to be united with, and as though in the interior of the spiritual objects he perceives. He wanders, in fact, from place to place in spiritual space, and is therefore called the wanderer in the language of occult science. … Should he, however, remain a mere wanderer he would be unable to define any object in spiritual space.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Different Vision

The spiritual person does see things differently in the spiritual world. Partly this I because the spiritual world is very different. The idea many people have the the spiritual world is virtually identical to the physical, but less dense and more like a ghost, is false. If it were possible for you to see an old friend in the spiritual world with your physical eyes, you would not recognize her. What you would see would not be a ghostly image of that persons physical body but a node of concentrated light and energy. It would not look like a physical human at all. The same is true of angels and God. The idea that these beings all resemble the physical human is just our egos at work. Our souls were created in God’s image, not our physical bodies.

Of course, this type of vision doesn’t happen overnight. The beginning spiritual student is not going to have it. It takes years to develop. Materialistic science would say that this means that this spirit world is just a hallucination. It isn’t. If it were a matter of teaching someone a hallucination, they would be told in great detail what to expect. That is never done in a real spiritual school. Instead the student is taught to have an open mind and get rid of false beliefs that limit and filter what he can see and experience.

Different Vision of the Physical

What Steiner doesn’t mention in the section quoted is that development of this spiritual vision also allows the spiritual student t see the physical world in a new way. And this different vision can often be experienced by some new spiritual students. When taught how to do so, the student can often see a sort of invisible shell around a living being. This is real, not an optical illusion. What you are almost seeing may be called the aura by some, the spirit body by others. What you call it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you recognize it as something non-physical, something spiritual.

More advanced spiritual adepts may see even more. They may even reach a point where the spiritual body becomes more obvious to them than the physical. Then they will also see that all things are connected, and therefore part of The One, rather than being truly separate entities. This is the level that St. Francis of Assisi reached when he started calling all living things his brothers and sisters. He could see that on the spiritual level, we were all essentially the same. Continue reading “Different Vision of the Spiritual Adept”

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Allegorical Genesis with Adam and Eve

“To understand their reasoning, we should need to understand that those who wrote the Nag Hammadi scriptures were probably aware that Genesis was not a historical document but was, in fact, a myth. Today, in more prosaic terms, we would call Adam and Eve the personalizations of two principles. Adam was the personalization of the soul—the emotional, thinking functions of the personality, while Eve was the spirit or pneuma (spiritual consciousness or intuition). …
“It is here that the Gnostics decided that the creator god (Demiurge) could not have been a good god. Firstly, it would appear that he is jealous of Adam. …. The creator god is a jealous god who metes out punishment in short order. … The Gnostics … came to the conclusion that there must be something beyond this evil being.” ~Bernard Simon

Truth in Genesis

Today, most people think that calling something a myth is the same as saying it is a lie. I would, therefore, call Genesis allegory rather than myth. Real myth, as Joseph Campbell taught, is not fairy tales and fantasies, but allegorical ways of revealing truth to those smart enough to read between the lines.

Allegorical Genesis tells a very different tale than that of the literal interpretation. Mr. Simon’s interpretation is one possibility, but I don’t think it is entirely correct to say that Adam represents the soul, and Eve the spirit. On one level, that is probably true, but there is more to it.

On another level, we have the physical body and mind. This was clearly an important part of the story of Adam and Eve since they did not have a physical body of matter until after the Great Fall when they ate the forbidden “fruit”. Second, after the awakening of their intellect, the realized they were naked, and covered themselves with fig leaves. It was not, as most Christians believe today, specifically the genitals that they were ashamed of. It was the entire physical body that appalled them and that is what they were trying to hide. While the Bible doesn’t say so, I’m sure that at some point, they realized the futility and silliness of trying to hide their descent into a material by by hiding that body under the physical body parts of plants. At that point, they would have stopped such silliness.

I think Adam also represented the physical body, with Eve representing the brain-mind or intellect. It was the false knowledge of the intellect that got them into trouble, just as it does to many people today. Of course, this was only true after the fall. Continue reading “Allegorical Genesis with Adam and Eve”