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“When God had created Adam thus, he was then in Paradise in the joyfulness; … And there God brought all the beasts to him, … that he should look upon them, and give to everyone their name. …
“And Adam and all men should have gone wholly naked;as he then went; his clothing was the Brightness in the Virtue. No heat or cold touched him, he saw day and night clearly with open eyes. In him there was no sleep, and in his mind there was no night, for the Divine Virtue was in his eyes, and he was altogether perfect. He had the … Matrix in himself, he was no Man, nor Woman, as we in the resurrection shall be neither.” ~Jacob Boehme

Adam in Paradise

When Adam was created in Paradise, he was a spirit, not a physical being. He had no physical body. Adam did not have a brain-mind. He had the Divine Knowledge of the fully functioning soul instead. He lived in joyfulness, because there is no reason to do otherwise in Paradise. Since there is no death, no disease, no wars, no violence there, joy was the normal state of Adam.

Wholly Naked

It may shock some to think that Adam was “wholly naked” while in paradise. Don’t most governments, churches, and societies of today teach that getting naked is evil?

But Boehme is correct for two reasons. First, Adam had no physical body to hide under clothing when he was in paradise. And you can’t put clothes on a spirit. You can make a spirit appear to be clothed, but it really isn’t. A spirit is clothed only in the Divine Light that Boehme calls “the Brightness”.

But naked can mean more than nude. It can also mean that one is totally honest, not hiding anything. That too was true of Adam when he was in paradise. First, he would have nothing to hide or lie about when he was there. Second, it would have been pointless to lie since any other spiritual beings present would immediately know it was a lie.

Physical Nudity

So if it is good to be naked as a spirit, is it good to be naked as a physical being? The answer again is “Yes!” There is nothing wrong with being nude, and there is nothing wrong with being honest.

Many will agree with the honesty part, but not the nudity. Remember that with only a few exceptions, we came into this world nude. It is not God who gave us clothing, but man. It is not God who declared nudity evil, but man. We were born wholly naked.

In truth, the bathing suits we wear on beaches today, especially some of the tiny ones worn by women, don’t really hide anything. Instead, they draw attention to the very parts of the body we claim to be hiding. That is not just my personal opinion. Studies have found that kids who grew up around nudity have a much healthier attitude toward it than those who have been taught since very young to keep certain body parts hidden.

In case you are wondering if I am a practicing nudist, the answer is no. But when I was younger, I did visit a nude beach in California twice when the law was first passed making certain beaches there clothing-optional. I also went on a Clothing Optional Snorkeling trip on a Caribbean island because I thought a Skinny-Dip Snorkel Trip would be fun. And I was right, it was fun.

As for the honesty thing, We are born honest as well as nude. Wholly Naked is both of those things. So when did we stop being honest? It seems to start at an early age. Infants soon learn that they don’t have to tell their parents everything. They learn that sometimes it is better to not tell them the truth. And since we have lost the ability to know truth from lies, they could get away with it. And so we all learn that on the physical plane, the land of deception, lying can benefit us. At least it seems it can until we get caught. Or until karma catches up with us and lets someone else deceive us royally.

No Cold, Hot, Night or Day

Boehme says that when Adam was in paradise, there was no cold or hot, no night or day. What he means is that paradise—the spiritual realms—is not a place of duality. It is the fallen worlds of matter where duality reigns. In a place where there is no space or time, there cannot be hot or cold, night or day. It is the same pleasant and joyful land always. And wholly naked.


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