sorrow gift

“Although thou bringest sorrow to mortals, without thee and this sorrow-gift there could be no bright hereafter. Thou art just, Elidorhpa, and always wise. Love is the seed, and sorrow is the harvest, but this harvest of sadness is to man the richest gift of love, the golden link that joins the spirit form that has fled to the spirit that is still enthralled on earth. … He who has sorrowed and not profited by his sorrow-lesson is unfitted for life. He who heeds his sorrow teacher is in closest touch with humanity. She who has drank most deeply of sorrow’s cup has best fitted herself for … a final home of immortal bliss. “ ~John Uri Lloyd

“Blessed are those who are sad. They will be comforted.” ~Matthew 5:4

Sorrow Gift

The whole idea of sorrow as a gift sounds crazy to most of us. We talk about happiness being a gift. We say that the pursuit of happiness is a right that governments cannot take away. No one ever says such things about sorrow.

Yet what happens to people who are always happy? They are content. They enjoy their life just as it is and do not seek to change anything. It is a type of “don’t rock the boat” attitude. Why mess with it when it seems to be fine. This is who governments do their best to promote entertainments and similar activities that keep us happy and contented little sheep.

But the sorrow gift is a gift because it can awaken us to the foolish life we lead, and the foolish things we see around us that we accept as normal.

Nostradamus is one well-known case where a man had a spiritual awakening after great sorrow entered his life. Jesus experiences the sorrow gift quite a bit during his earthbound life. Most all great spiritual and religious leaders either were awakened by the sorrow gift, or experienced it regularly after their awakening.


The empathic person is one who is well acquainted with the sorrow gift. No matter how happy their life should be, they experience sorrow simply by feeling it in others. As an empath myself, I can just walk past a funeral parlor and get very sad by picking up the feelings of those inside. That can seem like a curse at times, but it is also a gift. It is a gift when it helps us understand others. The sorrow gift can also make us want to change the world we live in.

Happy and Sad

When we are happy, we don’t want to change anything. The most horrible things imaginable could be happening, but if we are happy with our own lives, we pay little attention to it. But the sorrow gift makes us look around at those things. We can no longer ignore them. And once we look around with an open mind, we want things to change. The way to change and get rid of the sorrows is to develop our spiritual side. Even the wealthiest of materialists experience sorrow. But those who have truly awakened spiritually do not, because they can see what is possible if we all become spiritual beings again.


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