initiation chamber

“Behind the sacred place in the temple, behind the place of flame, was the Thrice Hidden Door, and this led down to the Chambers of Darkness, which were before the Caverns of Initiation.
“Before the first Chamber of Darkness, there was an antechamber containing a small lamp and light. Cut on the wall were representations of Life and Spirit. The candidate had studied with the priests of the upper temple for seven years and been observed by one of the Twice Born for seven years. Now, here in the antechamber, he became an Anointed One.
“The anointed one went into the first Chamber of Darkness for testing by one of the Twice Born. Here it was discovered whether he truly desired the Great Illumination ad whether he had all earthly desires and ambitions under control.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:12-13)

Chambers Of Initiation

While the actual arrangement of initiation chambers varied, the idea is the same. When the initiate is deemed ready, he is brought to a special place for testing. This testing determines if he is ready to go on to more advance spiritual training.

It sounds strange that the initiate would be brought to Chambers of Darkness. I think the intended symbology here was to remind him that he was still in the world of darkness, despite his years of study and practice. Now, however, he was being tested to see if he was ready to go beyond into Worlds of Light.

It would have been nice if the writer had given more details on those carvings on the walls representing Life and Spirit. We can only speculate about them.

Twice Born

The passage says that the candidate was observed and tested by some of the “Twice Born”. What are the twice born? They are the ones who have gone beyond physical birth to a spiritual birth as well. The have awakened their dormant spirit and soul and are guided by the spiritual rather than the physical. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said we must be born again.

Seven Years of Study

While this mystery school written about here in the Kolbrin Bible may have required each student to study and practice techniques for seven years before going through the described initiation, most schools were more flexible. One student might be ready in five years, another in eight. The student was brought to initiation when he was ready, not based on a calendar.

The Great Illumination

The end of this initiation ceremony partially described in the quote (it goes on for pages), is not sudden enlightenment. It is simply a recognition of the students accomplishments, and an agreement by the teachers to began teaching him the more advanced teaching. It is following those teaching that will bring the initiate to the great illumination one day.

The Great Illumination is Oneness, Unity. It is when we experience unity with God, the Angels, all of the spiritual universe. This usually happens only after many years of study. Often the student dies physically before reaching that lofty goal. But since he is already on that path, he will continue following it as a spiritual being.


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