Bane, evil eye

“The passions of the soul which adhere to the imaginations many, if they are sufficiently strong, not only produce changes in the organism to which they belong, but also be transferred upon another organism. … The state of the soul is the principle cause of the condition of the external body. A strong, exalted soul, stimulated by a strong and active imagination, may not merely cause health or disease in her own organism, but also in that of others with which she comes in contact. Evil disposed persons may exert a very evil influence upon others by their look. The invisible forces emanating from the soul through the eye are much more powerful … than the emanations of the physical body.” ~Franz Hartmann

Passions of the Soul

Many people confuse the subconscious mind with the soul. To some degree, I think Mr. Hartmann has done that. Still, there is great value in what he says.

The soul really has only one passion: the desire to go home. Home being the high-level spiritual realm called Heaven. Trapped on the material plane, the soul is like a fish out of water. That is why we enter this realm with our spirit and soul in a dormant state. Once awakened, they can benefit us greatly, but they also want to leave. It is only the soul’s love of Man that keeps it here.

Body and Soul

Just as it is heard to have a truly healthy body with an unhealthy mind, The “health” of the soul also matters to the body and mind. The soul cannot get sick in the physical sense, but it can be subject to a higher kind of illness on the spiritual level. More often, though, it is simply stuck in that dormant state.

I’m not sure that the soul is the principle cause of illness in the body as Mr. Hartmann states. But is certainly can contribute to it. A healthy and active soul, on the other hand, can send healing energy down to the physical level and heal many illnesses of the body.

Healing Others

By the very nature of the physical world, nothing in it is truly free. Everything has a price. That price may be money, or something else.

For that reason, we don’t encourage people to go around trying to heal the illnesses of others on a regular basis. It is something that should be done only rarely. That is because you pay for it with a depletion of spiritual energy, or even reducing the length of your own life.

Rather than actively trying to heal others, we simply need to be around people who are low in spiritual energy. By allowing a little of our energy to flow to them, we help them grow and heal. But we must be careful not to let them take too much energy.

The Evil Eye

That sharing of energy is a two-sided coin. Mr. Hartmann says evil beings can send out harmful energies. He says they do it with a look. The ancients called the  “Evil Eye,” and it is very real.

Centuries ago, monks, priests, and nuns wore hoods of some sort that hid their eyes. The primary reason was to prevent an evil one from looking into their eyes and sending evil energies into them. This is the most effective way to do it. Evil energies can still be sent to the hooded person, but not as effectively. The properly trained spiritual person can learn to deflect such energies.

Perhaps that is why today we think it important to look people in the eye when we meet them. We are essentially saying that we are trusting them not to give us the evil eye.

And if a spiritual person has been given the evil eye, it is up to the rest of his spiritual community to send positive energy to him to counter it.


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