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Infinity Mode and Divine Union

“In the mystics of the West, the highest forms of Divine Union impel the self to some sort of active, rather than of passive life. … ‘The Christian mystics,’ says Delacroix, ‘move from the infinite to the Definite; they aspire to infinitize life and to define infinity; they go from the conscious to the subconscious, and from the subconscious to the conscious. The obstacle in their path is not consciousness in general, but self-consciousness, the consciousness of the Ego. The Ego is the limitation, that which opposes itself to the infinite: the states of consciousness free from self, lost in a vaster consciousness, may become modes of the infinite and states of the Divine Consciousness.’ … Hence the idea of the great contemplatives is to become ‘modes of the infinite.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Infinity Mode

While mode of the infinite is a reasonable way to say it, especially if you look at definitions 4 and 6 in the link to Merriam-Webster, it is not a word most of us would use today. The point remains valid, though. As an infinity mode, our purpose is to do what increases that which is infinite, and decrease that which is finite.

Finite Worlds

We all like to thing that the world we are in is infinite. We believe the physical universe goes on forever and will exist forever. This ignores the fact that, in a rare case in which science and religion agrees, the universe had a beginning. The religious people call it creation. The scientists call it the Big Bang.

Certainly simple logic tells you that if the physical universe came into existence at the “Big Bang,” then there had to be a “time” before the big bang when it didn’t exist. And everything inside the physical universe teaches us that everything which is born must one day die, everything that comes into existence must end (by becoming something else). So if every person must end, every planet must end, and every star must end, then certainly the entire physical universe must have an end. That end, of course, will be a transformation into something else.

So in the worlds of finite universes everything has a beginning and an end. No infinity mode to be seen here.

Infinite Worlds

The worlds of matter that were created by the Great Fall did not come from nothing. Even the most materialistic of scientists agree that something must have existed before the big bang. That something is spirit.

The worlds of spirit existed long before those of matter, and will exist long after the material worlds are gone. That is because spirit is infinite. Spirit exists beyond space and time, outside of those limitations. And the spiritual beings—angels and others—that live in these worlds are equally infinite. They are completely in infinity mode.

Before the Parade Passes By

Today, we too have the opportunity to become infinity modes. But we can’t wait forever. We can’t put it off until it is convenient. When the parade passes by, when the ship has sailed, it will be too late. We all need to start taking our spiritual growth and development as seriously as we take our physical and mental development. If you held a winning ticket for a grand prize in a lottery, you wouldn’t hold onto it until the day after it expires. You would cash it in before that date. So become an infinity mode before that opportunity expires.

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Temple Man Statues and Their Symbolism

“Long before the introduction of idolatry into religion, the early priests caused the statue of a man to be placed in the sanctuary of the temple. This human figure symbolized the Divine Power in all its intricate manifestations. … The statue may have opened, thus showing the relative positions of the organs, bones, muscles, nerves, and other parts. After ages of research, the manikin became a mass of intricate hieroglyphs and symbolic figures. Every part had its secret meaning. The measurements formed a basic standard by means of which it was possible to measure all parts of the cosmos. It was a glorious composite emblem of all the knowledge possessed by the sages and hierophants. … The philosophers of antiquity realized that man himself was the key to the riddle of life.” ~Manly P. Hall

Temple Man

When I tried to find images of this temple man with a Google search, I didn’t find anything that appeared to be what Mr. Hall is talking about. Nevertheless, I believe him because Mr. Hall always did his research and never made things up.

So this statue of a man in ancient temples and mystery schools represented many things. It was the microcosm to the macrocosm of the universe. It was a representation of creation. Most of all, it represented the link between the spiritual worlds and the physical as that is what man is. No other life form on Earth serves that purpose.

Divine Temple Man

Mr. Hall says this Temple Man represented the “Divine Power in all its intricate manifestations.” He does not elaborate, so we don’t know exactly how it does that. We have to figure it out ourselves.

One important thing is that we must not jump to the conclusion, as so many have, that if man represents the divine, then God must look like us. That is just nonsense. God is pure spirit, pure Light, and bear no resemblance whatsoever to physical man. Only our souls are image of God. It is therefore reasonable to assume that understanding the meaning of the temple man statue required studying it on a spiritual level as well as physical. Continue reading “Temple Man Statues and Their Symbolism”

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Spiritual Dreams, Physical Dreams, and Understanding Them

“Now when the gate of the senses is closed during sleep, these other impressions began to emerge confusedly, and the dreamer becomes aware of experiences in another world. But … these experiences consist at first merely of pictures engraved in the spiritual world by our mental activity attached to the physical senses. Only developed Lotus Flowers make it possible for manifestation not derived from the physical world to be imprinted in the same way. …
“This is the beginning of life and activity in a new world. The [student] must learn to take stock of everything he observes in his dreams, exactly as though he were awake.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Gate of Senses

While our physical senses are very useful to us in the physical world, they can be a hindrance in the spiritual. So those of us who have not developed their spiritual self to a great degree will find it almost impossible to see dreams or visions while awake and active. It is much easier to do so when asleep and the physical senses are mostly inactive.

Lotus Flowers

Steiner uses the term “Lotus Flowers” to describe those who have been spiritual students long enough to achieve some degree of enlightenment. The Lotus Flowers are as much in the spiritual worlds as they are in the physical. Sometimes, more so. Not only do such people find it easier to remember their dreams than others, they dream differently.

Physical and Spiritual Dreams

It may be hard to tell which dreams are spiritual and which are about the physical and mental world of matter. Sometimes a dream can seem to be physical, but it is information to aid in spiritual growth. Other times, a dream may use spiritual symbols like angels, but actually be an allegory from some physical problem or issue. One can spend a lifetime studying the meaning of dreams and still not know it all.

Dreams may be about the past, the present, or the future. Generally, dreams about the past can be ignored. It’s too late to correct the past. The only time they are important is when they are trying to warn us tat we are about to repeat some past mistakes.

Dreams about the present can be important. They may warn us of physical illnesses or problems that we are not yet aware of. Or they may warn us of illness our relatives or pets have. They may also be warning us of bad decisions we are making, at work or home. For example, we might dream that we are being examined by a doctor we don’t recognize. This may be a warning that the doctor we are seeing is missing something and we need to chance doctors.

Dreams about the future are usually the most important and the most likely to be spiritual dreams. They are usually the most difficult to interpret since they are about things that haven’t happened yet. That is why it is important when we have such dreams to write them down with as much detail as we can remember. Some prefer to use a digital recorder instead of writing, which is fine. The detail are important because they can help in interpreting the dream. For example, you may dream you are being chased by a bear. What clothing you are wearing at the time seems irrelevant, but the color of the shit may give a hint of why the bear is casing you and what the bear represents. Continue reading “Spiritual Dreams, Physical Dreams, and Understanding Them”

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Dragons, Snakes, Serpents, and Energy Flow

“Whatever religion—Judaeo-Christian or otherwise—we might subscribe to, there are certain images that have a particular resonance with what, thanks to C.G. Jung, is now known as the Collective Unconscious.
“The snake or serpent is such a potent image in creation myths that it is found in almost every religious and belief system. …In Celtic myth, the world originated from an egg which came from the mouth of a serpent. … In the mythology of most of the world’s peoples, a serpent or dragon is linked to the origin of the world and to creation—it is the primordial being, the still undivided unity that held sway before the creation of the world.” ~Bernard Simon

Creation of the World

We must understand that when these myths talk about the creation of “the world” by a snake, serpent, or dragon, they are talking about the creation of the physical world or the realm of matter. In other words, they are saying that this serpent was responsible for the Great Fall. When Man, symbolically represented by Adam and Eve, were thrown out of Heaven by Angels, it was not as usually depicted by artists. Angels did not go after them with swords and chase them off. It was an automatic process. A reaction to an action. As we might spit out something foul-tasting, they were rejected from heaven by no longer fitting in there. And this process, initiated by the Serpent, included the creation of the lower realms of matter. Spiritual realms existed long before the Great Fall and will exist long after that error is corrected. The serpent, snake or dragon is generally considered an evil being, and rightly so. It is therefore logical that the worlds or dimensions they created are not good and not what God intended.


In Chinese mythology dragons are symbols of great power, especially power over water, rain, and storms. Vietnamese and Korean dragons are also associated with water and power over it. In European tales, they are usually guarding a treasure, and are often defeated by a hero or saint. Thus they are symbols of sin, evil, and ferocity. While not usually mentioned, their guarding of a treasure indicate they also symbolize greed and materialism.

The dragon is also, in some places, a symbol of good luck and good fortune. This is, however, only on a material level, never spiritual. So again we see the dragon representing the values of materialism and greed. Continue reading “Dragons, Snakes, Serpents, and Energy Flow”