Twice born

“Though previously, the shrines of the Twice Born had been concealed in the smaller temples, when Ramsis built the Great Temple of Ramen, it contained within itself both temple and shrine of the All Highest God. Also, there were caverns of initiation underneath. In the hall of the temple, which faced East and West, between pillars of pure stone, was the portal of the outer sanctuary. As the sun rises in the East, to give life to the day, so was the Devoted Priest placed in the East of the sanctuary, to open the services of worship and to instruct. … In the ceiling above the candidates was the symbol of the sun, and from it extended seven hands. They represented the sun of life dispensing the vitalizing forces from their font within the circle of creative consciousness. Behind the priest were representations of the ten rays of power that flowed out of the All Highest God. … They are: Love, Foresight, Wisdom, Insight, All Knowledge, Strength, Resolution, Justice, Mercy and Courage.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:9)

Shrines of the Twice Born

First, I can find no reference to a Pharaoh named “Ramsis,” so we can assume it means “Ramses”. Both Ramses II and Ramses III built temples, so it is not clear which one this refers to. Most likely, it is Ramses II whose temple is well known.

The “twice Born” is another way of saying those who have been initiated and have awakened their spirit and soul. What Jesus really meant when He said we must be born again. It is not a reference to reincarnation, but rather to the soul and spirit. We become twice born when we have awakened those faculties that are dormant on the material plane of existence.

These hidden “shrines” are the places where only those ready for true spiritual development could be taken and initiated. Once initiated, they were obligated to continue developing their spiritual self, and to help others do the same.

East Gate

This temple is not the only place where a sacred side had its most sacred entrance facing east. Since east is the direction on the rising sun, it is natural that the door to the inner temple would face that way.

Sun with Seven Hands

Sun with HandsI know the symbol of the sun with hands descending from it was used in ancient Egypt, but it is generally associated with Akhenaten. It is possible, of course, that other pharaohs used it. It is also possible that priests used it without the knowledge of the pharaoh.

The Kolbrin Bible says these hands represent the vitalizing forces coming down from the sun. These forces come from the “circle of creative consciousness”. This is a way of saying the spiritual Light that comes from God, reaches us through the sun. More specifically, through the spiritual sun. This Light brings life to our spiritual side just as the light of the physical sun brings life forces to our physical and mental sides. This passage is allegorically telling us that those who are twice born turn to the sun for life forces and development of higher states of consciousness.

Rays of Power

The ten “rays” listed in the quote do not, for the most part, seem to be things of power. Yet they do represent a type of power. These “rays”, or attributes, when fully achieved by the initiate, give him great power over his destiny, and the power to help others do the same. Love gives him the power to understand others and not judge them for their ignorance or weaknesses. Wisdom, Insight, and All Knowledge go together. One who has achieved that state of Unity with God, even temporarily, has that wisdom and knowledge. This Gnosis gives him insight into the behavior of people, as well as higher things like the structure of the universe on all levels. The strength mentioned here is mental and spiritual strength more that physical, though they all matter. It takes great strength to oppose the demons and the worldly powers they control to become a true spiritual person. The rewards, however, are more that worth it.


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