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“Man’s power to think increases in proportion as this ethereal and celestial power or light penetrates his mind, and strengthening his mental faculties, it may enable him to see and perceive that which he interiorly thinks, just as if it were objective and eternal. Spirit being unity and independent of our ideas of space, … the souls of men existing in places widely distant from each other may thus enter into communication. … In this state, man may perform a great many things in an exceedingly short period of time. … In each man there is such a power, which is the inherent property of his soul by right of the divine origin of the latter.” ~Franz Hartmann

Thought Power

We have heard much about the powers of the mind in the last several decades. Positive thinking will make it possible for us to do almost anything. Limiting beliefs prevent us from growing. What we dwell upon, we attract to us. Visualization, attractions, beliefs, and so on. Soul is almost never mentioned. It should be.

Thought Power of the Awakened

While it is not known to the general public, those in some spiritual schools know that many people famous for their great intelligence and wisdom were spiritual students. These people achieved greatness because they awakened their spiritual faculties. They then allowed those spiritual faculties to communicate with the brain-mind.

Mind to Mind Communication

Mr. Hartmann says that souls can communicate with other souls from a great distance because space has no meaning to them. He doesn’t mention time, but that also has little meaning to souls. But the mind doesn’t have to rely only on this communication of souls.

Our minds are also capable of communicating with each other. The difference is that mind-to-mind communication is limited by time and space. It also happens mostly on a subconscious level, so the conscious mind is often not aware of it.

Hopefully, most of us know by know that the material world is a world of illusion. Virtually nothing on this plane is what it appears to be. This is backed up by the modern science of quantum mechanics. Yet most of the time, many of us can look at a particular ball of energy and light, and we all see a lamp post. We never hear someone insist that it is a tree. No one calls it an elephant. On a subconscious level, our minds come to an agreement on what it is. Our world could not function if it were otherwise. So even on the material level we have a great deal of thought power.

Creativity and Thought Power

Thought power is important in all forms of creativity. This isn’t limited to the arts that most people think of as creativity. Coming up with a novel solution to any problem is creativity. And some of this happens on that subconscious level also.

As a simple example, one person may be passing by an empty spot and thing it would be a great location for a sculpture. Another nearby might be thinking that this city needs an inspirational sculpture. A third is thinking that something should be done to honor a great man from the city who recently died. A sculptor in the same neighborhood picks up on all these thoughts and decides to propose making a statue of the great man to be placed on that empty spot. So without realizing they have done so, several minds working together have decided what to do with that empty spot. Thought power at its best.

Spiritual Thought Power

But Mr. Hartmann is more interested in a higher level of thought power. The level where souls communicate with each other. This is the most important level.

When minds communicate with each other, they are limited by space and time. They are also limited to the material plane for ideas. No such limitations exist for the soul. The soul can communicate with other souls. It can also communicate with higher planes and the beings that dwell there. It can communicate with angels of God. It can communicate with other high-frequency beings known as Beings of Light. And it can communicate directly with God Himself. The brain-mind cannot do any of that.

This spiritual though power can not only help guide you through your short existence on the material plane, but also prepare you for what comes after. Not only can awakening your spiritual faculties help you prepare for the afterlife, but it must. If you die on the physical level without having awakened those spiritual faculties, they separate from “you” and return to the spiritual realms without you. Only those who awaken and join their mental self with their spiritual self can truly become immortal beings. Now that’s thought power.


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