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“It has been my duty to crush, to overcome by successive lessons your obedience to your dogmatic, materialistic earth philosophy. And bring your mind to comprehend that life that life on earth’s surface is only a step towards a brighter existence, which may, when selfishness is conquered, in a time to come, be gained by mortal man, and while he is in the flesh. The vicissitudes through which you have recently passed should be to you an impressive lesson, but the future holds for you a lesson far more important, the knowledge of spiritual, or mental evolution which man may yet approach. … That change will not occur until you have been further educated in the purely occult secrets for which I have partly prepared you.” ~John Uri Lloyd


The biggest deterrent to real spiritual evolution is not atheism but dogmatic devotion to unproven religious teachings. Teachings that can never be proven because they are simply not true. Yet popular churches, often under the direction of governments, continue to teach them. Naturally, they also teach that questioning such beliefs is blasphemy.

A good example of this is the millions who worship Jesus as God rather than as Messiah. When someone called Jesus “Good Master,” he turned to the man and said, “Do not call me good. Only the Father in Heaven is good.” Doesn’t that mean Jesus was saying that he was not God, but the Son of God, Christ the Messiah?

In the book the quote comes from, Mr. Lloyd has a teacher taking a man around in spiritual realms and teaching him. An important part of what is taught is that much of what we believe and accept is simply not true. And you will not see the truth if you continue to cling to false beliefs. As Oriental teachers put it, “I cannot refill your cup until you first empty it.” In other words, truth cannot reveal itself to you when it is blocked by the filters of false beliefs.


Why does the fictional teacher Mr. Lloyd is quoting say that man will advance even more when he can rid himself of selfishness? Because some things require cooperating with others. Actually, many things go better when we work with others. In the Systems Analysis class I took in college, this concept was called “Synergy”. Synergy means that two or more people an often accomplish more by working together than by working separately.

But working together on a higher level, a spiritual level, means ridding ourselves of selfishness. If we do it for selfish reasons, it simply won’t work. Much as divination tool like the I-ching wands won’t work if you use them for something like predicting the winning lottery numbers. They are an aid to spiritual growth, not material wealth.

While it may seem to us that those who experience spiritual evolution are loners, they are not. They certainly don’t follow the crowd, but they always work with others. Sometimes those others are on a higher level of existence (angels for example), so it may seem like they are working alone, but they never are.

Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual evolution is already happening to some degree, though it may not seem like it. The atrocities and horrors we see in the world around us seem to deny that, but it really doesn’t. Those things are happening for two reasons. One, we have to get the “Bugs” and “slimy things” out from under the rocks and into the sunlight so they will dry up and blow away. Second, the evil atrocities have been around forever, but we didn’t notice as much. We notice them more now partly because of improved communication technology, but also because we have evolved enough to realize these atrocities for the evils that they are.

That realization is the start of a long path of spiritual growth. Like the psychiatrists say, the first step in curing a mental illness is in accepting that you have one. Not that we are all mentally ill, just spiritually unaware. We have dormant spiritual faculties which lie dormant throughout our short physical lives, in most cases. The first thing the spiritual teacher must do is to help us awaken those dormant faculties with the use of the Light of the Spiritual Sun.


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