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“When we misuse the Soul’s powers their evil aspects dominate us. For instance, misuse of our power of intelligence results in ignorance and stupidity; misuse of our incensive power and of our desire produces hatred and licentiousness. The proper use of these powers produces spiritual knowledge, moral judgment, love and self-restraint. This being so, nothing created and given existence by God is evil.

“It is not food that is evil but gluttony, not the begetting of children but unchastity, not material things but avarice. .. This being so, it is only the misuse of things that is evil, and such misuse occurs when the intellect fails to cultivate its. Natural powers.” ~The Philokalia

Soul Power

There is no doubt among the spiritually developed that the soul has great power. It is questionable, however, whether the soul can become evil and the soul power evil along with it. In Cosolargy, we would say it is more like the mind and Ego are overriding the soul and using the power for evil. The soul itself doesn’t do that.

Before any soul power can be used at all the soul must be awakened. So the first step of developing soul power is to awaken the soul by “feeding” it Light from the spiritual sun. That Light, and only that Light can truly awaken the soul.

Using Soul Power

The Philokalia says that power and things are not evil of themselves, but only in how they are used. While there may be a few exceptions, generally that is true.

Food is not evil but glottony is. But that is not the only way that food can be evil. Killing and eating animals is not necessarily evil. Torturing animals before killing them is. Likewise, raising animals for slaughter in appalling conditions such as keeping them in small cages and out of natural sunlight is. Stealing food from others is another way that it can be evil.

The gun fans are always telling us that it isn’t the guns, its the person using them. They do have a point. In the hands of a person like a policeman trained in using the gun properly and safely, it can be beneficial. It is the insistence that anyone who desires a gun must be allowed to have one, regardless of their mental or emotional history, that is evil.

And the possession of material things sufficient to keep our physical bodies comfortable and healthy is not healthy. Hoarding goods, and demanding more than you actually need is.

Soul Power Stoppers

The real evil in excessive possessions, comforts, and intellectual pursuits is that they prevent our spiritual growth. It is like trying to sail a ship while several anchors are dragging in the mud below it. The more anchors you get rid of, the faster you can move forward. And if you can’t completely get rid of some of the anchors, you can at least reduce their size.

If attachments to material goods is a problem for you, take the time to think occasionally about what your life was like without them. Think about how others manage to do well without them. Imagine how you could move about more freely without such attachments. Such methods can reduce those attachments.

If overeating is a problem, similar methods can be used. Start by putting less food on your plate (some experts suggest using smaller plates). Before eating any of it, ask your self what nutritional need is being satisfied with this food. Be honest about it. If it truly does have some nutritional value, ask yourself if other foods could meet that nutritional requirement better. Finally, start fasting occasionally. Start by skipping one meal, then fasting from sunrise to sunset, then a full twenty-four hour fast. A more drastic step is to add something you don’t like at all to the foods you desire, making them less appealing.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people hoard goods, overeat, and otherwise become materialistic because they feel an emptiness inside them. They don’t realize that the emptiness is spiritual, not physical. It is the awakening and developing of the spiritual faculties that will truly satisfy that inner hunger. So use soul power to keep on that path and help others do the same.


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