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Christ Sun and it’s Spiritual Effects on Us

“Having likened the four degree of the first coming of Christ to the splendor and the power of the sun, we also find in the sun another power and another action, which hastens the ripening, and increases the number of the fruit. When the sun rises very high, … in the middle of the month of May, then it has a double power over flowers and herbs and everything that grows out of the earth. …
“So likewise, when Christ that bright Sun has risen in our hearts above all things; when the demands of our bodily nature which are opposed to the spirit have been curbed and discreetly set in order; … then of all this there may come down a sweet rain of consolation and the heavenly dew of the sweetness of God. This makes the virtues grow, … and by it a man is lifted up into a higher state.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Power of the Sun

I don’t think anyone is foolish enough to deny that the sun is very important for all life on Earth. It is especially important for plants that make their own food using water, air , and sunlight. I don’t know if it is really true that the sun has more power in May than in other months. This may simply be due to its position in the sky rather than anything in the sun itself. Spring is the time when most plants grow the most and blossom. Most trees as well as flowers blossom in the spring.

Even animals tend to go through growth spurts in the spring. This is also the time when most animals give birth. Continue reading “Christ Sun and it’s Spiritual Effects on Us”

Twice born

Twice Born in the Secret Inner Temples of Egypt

“Though previously, the shrines of the Twice Born had been concealed in the smaller temples, when Ramsis built the Great Temple of Ramen, it contained within itself both temple and shrine of the All Highest God. Also, there were caverns of initiation underneath. In the hall of the temple, which faced East and West, between pillars of pure stone, was the portal of the outer sanctuary. As the sun rises in the East, to give life to the day, so was the Devoted Priest placed in the East of the sanctuary, to open the services of worship and to instruct. … In the ceiling above the candidates was the symbol of the sun, and from it extended seven hands. They represented the sun of life dispensing the vitalizing forces from their font within the circle of creative consciousness. Behind the priest were representations of the ten rays of power that flowed out of the All Highest God. … They are: Love, Foresight, Wisdom, Insight, All Knowledge, Strength, Resolution, Justice, Mercy and Courage.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:9)

Shrines of the Twice Born

First, I can find no reference to a Pharaoh named “Ramsis,” so we can assume it means “Ramses”. Both Ramses II and Ramses III built temples, so it is not clear which one this refers to. Most likely, it is Ramses II whose temple is well known.

The “twice Born” is another way of saying those who have been initiated and have awakened their spirit and soul. What Jesus really meant when He said we must be born again. It is not a reference to reincarnation, but rather to the soul and spirit. We become twice born when we have awakened those faculties that are dormant on the material plane of existence.

These hidden “shrines” are the places where only those ready for true spiritual development could be taken and initiated. Once initiated, they were obligated to continue developing their spiritual self, and to help others do the same.

East Gate

This temple is not the only place where a sacred side had its most sacred entrance facing east. Since east is the direction on the rising sun, it is natural that the door to the inner temple would face that way. Continue reading “Twice Born in the Secret Inner Temples of Egypt”

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Know Ourselves to Reach the Tree of Life

“All Christian Religion wholly consists in this, to learn to know ourselves; whence we are come, and what we are; how we are gone forth from the Unity into dissension, wickedness, and unrighteousness; … and how we may be delivered from them again, and recover our original blessedness.
“First, how we were in the Unity, when we were the children of Adam before he fell. Secondly, how we are now in dissension and disunion, in strife and contrariety. Thirdly, where we go when we pass out of this corruptible condition. … Lastly, how we can come forth from disunion and vanity, and enter again that one Tree, Christ in us, out of which we all sprang.” ~Jacob Boehme

Churches and Religion

The original purpose of all churches and religions was the same. It is not limited to Christianity. Boehme says it that way because he lived in a Christian society and he could have been charged with blasphemy for saying otherwise.

Not only churches, but spiritual and philosophical schools also had the same purpose. That purpose was to gain true Knowledge and to unite with God. To know ourselves is also to know God.

Know Ourselves for Deliverance

Boehme says the churches should teach us how to be delivered from the evils of the material world. He doesn’t say that joining a church or spiritual school will deliver you. He says those organization should teach you how to be delivered. They must lead us away from dissension and into unity. Not simple unity of man, But the ultimate Unity with God.

In the Beginning

Boehme tells us that we were in unity as “children of Adam” before the great fall. In the materialistic world of most modern churches, Adam and Eve had no children until after the fall when they came to Earth as material beings. But Mr. Boehme says we were children of Adam before the fall happened.

He is speaking of Adam as a spirit and the prototype of man. On the spiritual level, he wasn’t literally our father, God was. But he was the first man on a spiritual level of being. Continue reading “Know Ourselves to Reach the Tree of Life”

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Higher Love Needed to Enter Higher Worlds

“Whoever want to enter a world higher than this one, he should enter the world of love. This that lives and does not die is Love. This that lives and dies is from the temporary things. … Love comes out of God and returns back to God again. … What is Love? A power that does not allow hatred.
“What has been built without love always has been destroyed. For the foundation of things is Love, and without a foundation, nothing can be built. When we say that we have to be strong, we understand that we have to be strong in Divine Live. For a man to be strong in the world, he must first begin with love. A man is strong as long as love lives in his soul.
“The one who has real love will give and will not ask for anything in return. But the one who gives a thing and seeks for something in return, he is manifesting human love.” ~Biensa Douno

Higher Love

Love may not be all that you need, but it certainly is an important part of what we do need. Douno is pointing out that there are different kinds of love. Specifically, he mentions Divine Love, and ordinary human love. Obviously, the Divine Love in the higher love.

Too Much Love

Is it possible to have too much love? Not really. But it is possible to use the word so much, and for such mundane things, that it starts to lose any meaning for us. When we say we love our spouse, our parents, our children and our God, we are using the word sensibly. When we start replacing “like” with “love” and saying we love pizza, we love ice cream, we love action movies, and so on, we belittle the word. Using  the word that way, causes it to lose much of its importance.

Love is not a superficial thing. You cannot truly love a sandwich or a car. If you think you can, than you don’t understand love. You can like objects, desire objects, appreciate objects, but you can’t love them. Real love, especially Divine Love, can only be for living beings. Continue reading “Higher Love Needed to Enter Higher Worlds”