redeemer and karma

Redeemer doesn’t Cancel Laws of Karma

“Through karma. The Act of Christ becomes cosmic law, and through the Christ-Principle karma achieves its aim—the liberation of conscious souls and their identification with God. Karma is gradual redemption, Christ is the Redeemer.
“If men would steep themselves in these ideas, they would realize that they belong to one another; they would understand the law recognized in all true occult brotherhoods—namely that each individual suffers and lives for others. There will come a time in the future when outer redemption will coincide in each with the interior act of the Redeemer. It is not revelation but truth which makes men free” ‘You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’” … When man has awakened in himself all those qualities which were prophetically manifest in the Christ, he will be a free being.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Karma and the Redeemer

Many think that the idea of a redeemer and the concept of karma are incompatible. “If a redeemer can forgive your sins,” they argue, “then haw can there be karma?”. The answer is that forgiving ones sins, mistakes, or evil acts doesn’t mean that the person does not have to repay the debt. Christ forgives, but doesn’t erase the need for restitution.

If you think about it, you will realize that if the Redeemer canceled out karma, the lesson of karma would be lost. As Steiner correctly points out, karma aims to liberate the soul that it may be once again united with God. But the soul of one who has committed murders, rape, arson and other heinous acts can not be allowed to join with God. Even one such soul would add a tiny bit of pollution to the Great Soul that is God. If hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions of such people were allowed to join with God, he would become evil as well. That obviously cannot be allowed to happen.

So the “stains” on these souls must be “washed off” and the “soap” that does that is Karma. So karma is not stopping spiritual progress, it is making it possible. We all make occasional mistakes, but if we pay off the debt, we can move on. Continue reading “Redeemer doesn’t Cancel Laws of Karma”

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Descent into Matter and the Return to Spirit

“The souls of men, seeing their images in the mirror of Dionysus as it were, have entered into that realm in a leap downward from the Supreme: yet even they are not cut off from their origin, from the Divine Intellect. … Though they have descended to earth, yet their higher part holds forever above the heavens.
“Their initial descent is deepened since that mid-part of theirs is compelled to labor in care of the care-needing thing into which they have descended. And thus the cosmic content is carried forward to its purpose, everything in its coordinated place, under only one Reason-Principle operating alike in the descent and return of souls and to every purpose of the system.” ~Plotinus

The Descent

Plotinus makes is sound as if souls chose to descend from spiritual realms into the physical world, because, as he puts it, they saw their image there. Since a Divine Soul is a spiritual being and a being of Light, I don’t know how it could possibly see it’s image in the realm of matter. Yet we do have souls despite being on this low level of existence.

The general explanation of this descent is that God sent souls into the primitive creatures we had become when we descended to Earth. He did that so we may one day be redeemed. That seems to make sense, but not completely.

If God wished to save the fallen, why didn’t he just pull them back to the spiritual level rather than sending souls down to be trapped here and possibly corrupted as well? And if that which descended was not already souls, than what dis descend?

So it makes more sense to say, as Plotinus did, that the souls are the very thing that descended to this low level of being. But why?

It happened because the fallen angels, led by Lucifer, wanted to create a realm where they could rule. It creating it, they had to include intelligent beings to dwell in this place, otherwise it would serve no purpose. So souls did enter the dimension of matter, but not really by choice. And we are the offspring of those who fell, so our souls are likewise trapped here. But trapped only if we accept it and don’t try to go back to higher realms. Continue reading “Descent into Matter and the Return to Spirit”

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Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter

“Study quantum physics beyond a cursory level, and you’ll reach the inescapable conclusion that the reason physical particles behave in such a strange way is because they’re not physical at all. …
“Atoms are usually depicted as having a big solid nucleus with electrons spinning around it in neat orbits. But when quantum physicists took a closer look, they discovered that … 99.9999999999996 percent of the atom is literally empty space. … It’s like looking at an invisible tornado-like vortex of energy with infinitely tiny particles seemingly popping into existence one moment and then out the next, with the whole thing being as substantial as a puff of smoke. …
“It has been calculated that if you took the entire population of the Earth … and removed all the empty space from all of our combined atoms, the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube. … Then why does everything look and feel so solid to us? … The secret is in the electrostatic field that surrounds the atoms.” ~Ziad Masri

Let’s Get Physical

For thousands of years, mystics and spiritual teachers have told us the material world was a world of illusion. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. They were laughed at by many. Some still laugh at such notions today. But the theories of quantum physics continue to be refined and more proof of them continues to arise. So it look like the gurus, mystics, and prophets were not crazy after all.

So in reality, the apparently solid rock is no more solid than a puff of smoke. And water is no more substantial than air. Yet a rock doesn’t feel like a puff of smoke and water is thicker than air. This might be considered illusion, but there is more to it than that. Continue reading “Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter”

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Thought Power in the Mind and the Soul

“Man’s power to think increases in proportion as this ethereal and celestial power or light penetrates his mind, and strengthening his mental faculties, it may enable him to see and perceive that which he interiorly thinks, just as if it were objective and eternal. Spirit being unity and independent of our ideas of space, … the souls of men existing in places widely distant from each other may thus enter into communication. … In this state, man may perform a great many things in an exceedingly short period of time. … In each man there is such a power, which is the inherent property of his soul by right of the divine origin of the latter.” ~Franz Hartmann

Thought Power

We have heard much about the powers of the mind in the last several decades. Positive thinking will make it possible for us to do almost anything. Limiting beliefs prevent us from growing. What we dwell upon, we attract to us. Visualization, attractions, beliefs, and so on. Soul is almost never mentioned. It should be.

Thought Power of the Awakened

While it is not known to the general public, those in some spiritual schools know that many people famous for their great intelligence and wisdom were spiritual students. These people achieved greatness because they awakened their spiritual faculties. They then allowed those spiritual faculties to communicate with the brain-mind.

Mind to Mind Communication

Mr. Hartmann says that souls can communicate with other souls from a great distance because space has no meaning to them. He doesn’t mention time, but that also has little meaning to souls. But the mind doesn’t have to rely only on this communication of souls.

Our minds are also capable of communicating with each other. The difference is that mind-to-mind communication is limited by time and space. It also happens mostly on a subconscious level, so the conscious mind is often not aware of it.

Hopefully, most of us know by know that the material world is a world of illusion. Virtually nothing on this plane is what it appears to be. This is backed up by the modern science of quantum mechanics. Yet most of the time, many of us can look at a particular ball of energy and light, and we all see a lamp post. We never hear someone insist that it is a tree. No one calls it an elephant. On a subconscious level, our minds come to an agreement on what it is. Our world could not function if it were otherwise. So even on the material level we have a great deal of thought power. Continue reading “Thought Power in the Mind and the Soul”